Converse Size Conversions

What size Converse Chuck Taylor do I need. Confused about Converse sizing? This video explains it


Artisbae 32 says:

I wear size 9

M. Inecraft says:

I wear a size 16 so do they manufacture a size 15.5

elkeanoz marley says:

my size in nike shoes is 9.5 us.. what should i choose on converse size chuck tayloy ?

faultyJACK says:

I think converse all Stars run a bit big.

Josiah Griffin says:

I wear a size 13 for my other shoes and for converse I wear a size 11 and I had these since the 6th grade and I’m in 10th now so if you wear a 13 I recommend you get a 11 or 11.5 if your feet are wide

Kasper says:

size 15 in chuck taylor is actually 15.5, right?
also, size 15 to 18 has 9 eyelets, not 8

time killer full timepass says:

Budy I want know that which size should I buy ?. Because 9 is lil bit loss and 8 is lil bit tight . I m very confused out here

CP Haugen says:

Mines a 2

mrclean225225 says:

every converse video ive seen youve commented on 😮

miss k says:

is a 3 in the kids the same as 5 for women’s shoes?

Aaryan Raj Singh says:

I wear 8 puma….which size should I buy??!

TheEvrLastingGmr YT says:

I wear a size 11 I’m a 13 year old girl…Damn I have a huge shoe size

Classic Sport Shoes says:

Find all sizes of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes at ClassicSportShoes

Kanenon Doss says:

I wear a 14 k-Swiss as my normal shoe. I bought a 13 converse they are a little narrow but I have a really wide foot and I don’t want a 14 because the 13 is long enough. What should I do???

Lil Pineapple says:

I am a girl that wears a 8 in womens and i got an 8 in mens on accident and im so mad. My mom wouldnt get a different size and my brother keeps saying I look like a clown bc of how big my feet are. I cried all night bc I was embarrassed and i dont want to to school with them tomorrow but my mom is making me.

Jass Dimaampao says:

Whats the right size for my 2-3 years old son?

Electro Fury says:

My size r 2 and it cost 65

Tsundere Soup says:

This thumbnail is so cute

a m a n d a says:

I have big feet omg my maroon converse are a size 9 (adult)

Janae Fuller says:

If you kid is learning how to walk the rubber bottom will help with support


I just need a converse for my wife

John King says:

Thank you very helpful

TheRealCxixmx says:

So I wear a 14… they don’t manufacture a 13.5…. so wtf….

Ray Cano says:

So if the size on the bottom of my converse are 8 1/2 mens, then is that the size I order my shoes in if im getting them online?

KewBie Fox says:

I’m so confused on the sizes, I need help, my normal shoe size is mens about 5 and half, so should I get a size 5 or 6?

Hailey Kiser says:

I wear a size 13-14 women’s so I would get a size 11?

TVNando says:

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s sizing style? Like I found a size 11 in wmns in the specific chucks I want and it’ll fit like a 9 in men’s. Would it look differently???

DJ Kosloski says:

so i wear a size 19-20 size shoe so I to go to a 17?

bringoutthelegos says:

I just got a pair of size 9 low top chucks at a garage sale, before that I wore size 11, even though my foot rise is about 10-10.5. My feet were still able to fit in the size 9 no problem with room to spare

GHSJC Chen says:

I wear a size 4 and I got a size 5 and it doesn’t fit me, it was really tight.

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