Does It Still Basketball? Converse Weapon!

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Slush Melon says:

chucks vs weapon

David Taylor says:

Jordan rocked converse in college, not sure if it was the weapon or not.

George Roberson says:


Lucas Shannon says:

Can you do a “does it basketball vans skate high”??

A Wooden Chair says:

My son, the terminology you are looking for is, “Heel to Toe transition.” Either way, you good.

Pernection says:

Converse had so many different types of bball shoes before they sold out.

Joshua Doyle says:

See that is what I’d rather have into a basketball shoe. And the weapon was after airjordan 1

Fawwaz Suri says:

That shit is hella loud!! I literally got scared by the sound!!

Harrison Oh says:

I have the John Varvatos weapon

Coco the IX says:

I have the same model with different materials and a semi translucent outsole and i love playing in them! xD

misio87 says:

The Converse weapon before this bastardization didn’t slip as bad as these.

MHSvATO says:

hoop and life challenge yall!

Hemanth Koraganji says:

You should do vans

Brian Bellen says:

2:45 Don lowkey dissing Sammy

Dez Hamp says:

Nike bought out Converse… So thats explains why they look like Nike Jays 1.. Cheap shop for a big price.. Will funk your knees and feet up if u hoop in a real game… #DezHampReview

Sonny Crockett says:

I think the Converse Weapon is one of the most beautiful basketball shoes ever made. I have a pair but I use them only for casual not on court. Another interesting retro basketball shoes to review is the Etonic “The Dream”: does it still basketball?

alex thelizardking says:

speaking of converse, do the Jack Purcell

Spidol Kering says:

didn’t see this coming, i have this. bought this 7 years ago, and still strong to these days

Tyler Spencer says:

Foot locker gave me these shits on 2k, bout had to retire rookie year

NFJ vGucci says:

Fuck me

Alan Ladd seine Katze says:

Are you guys even intelligent enough to be able to tie your shoes by yourself?
You two seem to be the best example why humanity should better go extinct, the sooner, the better.

Maybe you should be aware of the fact that Converse invented the Basketball shoe back in the days. So crazy, isn’t it?

There is a thing called Wikipedia providing most of the knowledge needed to ensure you’re not being laughed at due to lack of braincells.
Maybe you should try it.
Decent intelligence could even get you closer to having a proper date for saturday nights, not being your sore right hand all the time.

Slush Melon says:

then make the adidas superstar

G Clarke says:

does the fastbreak 83 still basketball?

Rafael Castelucci says:

Natas Kaupas!

Cody.J Pittman says:

I hoop in these in a size 15

dj3hac says:

ive always wanted a pair of larry bird’s weapons, that black and white is so sexy!

Edgar Martinez says:

Does it basketball: high heels

Buttercup Chump says:

sammy can u give me the weapons since you dont want then please

YungCzarOfDC says:

Can yall do a does it still basketball on the Adidas Superstars or the Adidas pro model?

Joe Robinette says:

Where can I pick these up my brother is a huge Larry bird fan?

SlimJG says:

Hi SoleBros! what casual shoes would you recommend?

gnarly bake says:

Idk what attracted me to these shoes but Converse Weapon used to have thicker soles in 2004. Today I can feel every people I stepped on.

Rick Rijuana Music says:

True they do look like the Jordan 1s.

10199ULTRAMATIC says:

The old Weapons are better than the Nike ones. The traction was just like the Jordan 1 and the cushion was way better.

John Sarmiento says:

I got these bad boys for a steal at Ross for $14. I put nice Dr. Scholls insoles and they perform like beasts!

EazyComeEazyGo says:

Do a Does It Still Basketball on the Converse Pro Leather ’76

黄文骏 says:

i have that feels really hard and more weapon before

Kenny Huynh says:

Hey Sami the guys hoop and life and fung bros challenged you in a basketball game for best Asian shoe reviewer!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Carney says:

I died when Don said, “this is the go fuck yourself cushion”

Aaron Johnson says:

Note that the Weapons that you are reviewing are not the retros of the Converse Weapons from the 1980s. These new models have a simplified construction that only looks somewhat like those from the 1980s. The build is cheaper, there is less cushioning, and the out sole is tougher and less flexible in order to handle skateboarding. In fact, the low tops are called Weapon Skates. The OG Weapons are much comfortable for basketball!

Logan Tall says:

That traction sounds like a dying dog

Kraz3e987 says:

Converse was bought by Nike way back. So nowadays most chucks and other converse shoes have Solarsoft insoles which yes, is the same materials that roshes have in their insoles.

Chris Charley says:

the silhouette reminds me of the jordan 1

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