How To Wear White Converse Chuck Taylors/How To Style White Converse Chuck Taylors

How To Wear White Converse Chuck Taylors. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses how men can style the most iconic sneaker of all time the white converse chuck taylor. He shows how men can style the chuck taylor four different ways.



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FILIKU says:

I wore chucks to prom with my tux lol tux&chucks

Tom Hola says:

What’s wrong with your eye bro Evan your whole face looks freak

Nomo 4u says:

These white chucks are hella dope & true very stylish & affordable as well. The high tops are coo just coz it got that extra ankle support.

Aman Sarkar says:

ohh faak!
u are so boring

Ty Brice says:

Camo and Chucks is a go.

Joe Harris says:

put ’em on yer damn feet, that’s all ya gotta do

Metal Gamer says:

Chuck Taylor’s fit any style! That’s what makes it so special also!

Fred the fish says:

I want to be a fly white guy and not a wiggity-wiggity wack cracker

racedezign336 says:

Sorry but it only looks good with jeans lol but I guess everyone has their style OG

blackmamba says:

He looks too awkward to watch

Sneaker Nate says:

I have a pair of white Chucks in the closet haven’t worn in two years, man I’m going to have to pull them boys out, thanks for this video


I’ll let y’all wear all that tight shit. Imma stick with my baggy clothes. I’ll see ya in five to 10 years.

YounG Divum 1 says:

You got me killing it on the set. Thank you unc#SaluteOG

AllcopsRcunts says:

Taste is in his ass.

Ruben Temperville says:

Man.. I’m worried about my shoe size.. I’ve a 12us/46EU and I think I will have boats on my feet when I’m wearing these

Rehman says:

That suit w chucks fire

mervs Abraham says:

U look like Indian cricket player virat kholi

Sean Mcmillan says:

That camo shirt looks great with those white chicks.

Keshav Goyal says:

Maha chutiya

JEDI M! says:


Xxbossassasin 0 says:

Are those the hi tops

Daniel Kleinmeier says:

Last converses I had I could feel like I was walking without shoes…. horrible and didn’t buy them… maybe it was a bad pair…too many others that r far better for the feet…. now, if they put Boost material in the bottoms, than we’re talking…

Victor Scott says:

Levis, White, n Chucks kinda day. Kangol to top it off!

Garlic Girl says:

Not so much the suit but to each his own. 😀

Emoji872 MSP says:

Can you wear these shoes with chino joggers

M Teixeira says:

Just picked up my white Chucks. Its been 15 years since I’ve worn a pair. Going with outfit #4 tonight! Thank you Style O.G

Your wise cousin Joe says:

I like the 4th looks the best

most hated says:

I rock my chucks with a dress

HopelessHumanity 91 says:

Yo that suit with the converse man…. i never would’ve thought of that, im going to try that.

Tony Bayona says:

Will it make any difference if I wear the low top instead? Shout out from the Philippines!

Zarcy Zarc says:

look 3 is best

Antonio Mihai says:

What’s the point in buying Highs if you’re just going to make them look like low by covering them up with the pants

Atang Dladla says:

You can’t dress

Just Drew says:

Somebody get they uncle smh

S'ti Ootysae says:

Do the CTAS low tops

Red Comic says:

I can’t do that last one my jeans fall and that makes the Converse look ugly how do I fix this

Simon cowell says:

Why aren’t you wearing a shirt on the last one?

Christian Poet says:

I don’t know but there is something about this guy that just makes him look cool when he says stuff. And for that I will like and subcribe!

Mehrdad Asadi says:

The suit was really the coolest in this video. Others weren’t that good.

Asian Jesus says:

Black people make me cool

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