OFF WHITE CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR Review ! | Off White Converse Chuck Taylor On Feet !

OFF WHITE CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR Review ! | Off White Converse Chuck Taylor On Feet !

Today I reviewed the off white converse chuck taylor. In addition, I gave you guys a look at the off white converse chuck taylor on foot. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s review, and hopefully some of you were able to cop these for retail.

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Tommy says:


Richi says:

I tied some Walmart bags to my feet and people kept asking me how I managed to cop the off white converse

JohnnyPSalinda says:

True to size?

Keith Adam says:

Had so much fun in the live stream this morning. If you took an L, don’t worry, plenty of heat coming…including yeezys which are easy to cop with the multiple people jig 😉
-PS They come with another set of laces that fell on the floor while I was recording. Therefore, there is a total of 4 lace sets

Channing Morris says:

The shoe should come with an extra pair of laces, (white with green aglets) if I’m not mistaken?

Kee Zhi Yong says:

I’m a US size 9.5 on nikes but should i go half a size or full size down on these?

Andrew Johnson says:

Bro I didn’t get them on the surprise drop cause I was waiting to get paid, and then I was expecting them to drop online on the 12th or today but they didn’t they only dropped in stores and the closest one to me is in Atlanta and I’m pretty sure it’s gone by now so ya I took an L, but I do love this shoe so it’s not a total L because I’m definitely gonna have to buy it off of resale, cause like omg it looks soooo good!!!!!!


Willing to sell?

Spider-Fat says:

Lol u deserve WAYYY more subscribers u da best

Dorian Valdayo says:

Do you know if the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White is dropping again next month?

Ruben says:

Funniest unboxing i’ve ever seen

Kimnbrad Squires says:

Size ??? If my size let’s work a deal PayPal??

Sidz productions says:

Tried copping yesterday took an L. But after seeing the on feet they don’t look that bad u should hold on to them for a while

4Headollino says:

This shoe ugly af.

Max Rivera says:

What about the white laces with the green tips? Exposed fake converse?

ZombieElmo says:

On feet shots fireeee

Parth Bhatnagar says:

Took Ls on SlamJam
Took Ls on END
Took Ls on Converse
Took Ls on Kith
Took Ls on DSML
Took Ls on DSMNY
Took Ls on every raffle
Mission failed we’ll get em next time

Jannes Radzik says:

Man i love Your Videos and all the stuff you are doing so much

Jesus Ventura says:

Did you cop for retail on the surprise drop?

Cesar says:

You deserve more subs!


Hello! Your review is so detail and interesting! I made a Korean review of converse x offwhite!!! Thanks! ->

nbaperson2416 says:

How do you not like them. You pulled off the look better than anyone I’ve seen wear these.

Mell Johnson says:

There dope man

Matt Erxleben says:

The hair is lookin wavyyyyy buddy ❤️

trefoil says:

My ocd is bothered by the left and right thing

Dylan Alonso says:

Nice video, btw you are my favorite sneaker youtuber. Thank you for everything and I want you to post more on youtube and on twitter. I just love your vids and thanks for keeping me updated.

Woah says:

Ay Keith, when I tried to get the Jeters this morning I got some weird payment issues. Like when I tried to pay with paypal, it “could not authenticate payment”. I literally took me a minute to finally pay but with my credit card instead. Whats up with that?

Oswald says:

May you gift me the tinker 3s?

fm_98 says:

on which day of june will the butter yeezys release?


was that Seth fowler that did the on foot shot

Jalal Mohsin says:

Please Make a How to cop guide on the gold 97s as well as for the acronym vapor maxes

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