Off White Converse Chuck Taylor Review & On Feet

Today I’m reviewing the latest Off White Converse! This Converse Off White release differs pretty dramatically from the first Off-White Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. This Off White Converse from the Nike “The Ten” collection features a canvas upper and stripped midsole. Check out my review to learn more!

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Barrier Breaker says:

dumb people would say: “its not nike its converse”

冬燃 says:

zebra crossing for real

archo says:

awesome review as usual, met you the day you dropped off your kicks in Lapstone!

Julian Lopez Albany says:

Fr they should put some sort of distressing on the shoe, and something on the back stripe, but it’s still a clean shoe, it’s just more basic than off White’s normal shoes, but yeah, if you know about off white and thier whole asthetic then you’d know that the sole looks like a caution sign on purpose, definitely knew that when I first saw the shoe lol

Savio Fernandes says:

Skinny jeans don’t really go with it

Torsten Dimpflmeier says:

When resell is low it means that they are unwanted and not rare

Baby Rage16 says:

bang itu gerigi buat sepeda bunyi kenapa disitu?

teeblack06 says:

never liked chuck taylors

Erik Martinez says:

I like the comme de garçon pair more

Dimas Basuni says:

how much does this cost?

Hotrats76 says:

These are terrible. Just straight hot garbage.

Ahson Noaman says:

the giveaway is the all hallows eve blazers

Ethan Muschik says:

Who else feels that the the sneakers right now have been dry?

ReyJen Galarse says:

They look like some lazy ig customs

BVH VH says:

Do a review of adidas Alexander wang

1026 Ceramic says:

Everything of Off White’s products and crossover is not my cup of tea.

Broodje kaas says:

Copped a us7 for €250 ($300)

Steven Chea says:

they look like a custom off white converse honnestly. They are not that really original

Daniel Aranda says:

What is so special about them? I’ll take my beat up chucks anyday. It’s sad that most of those sneakers will never leave the box. I hate sneaker freaks

GabKoost says:

To me these are sick. Chucks are extremely popular. More than anything else released by Off-White and nike.

The fact that Off-White are usually IN YOUR FACE kind of shoes turn a considerable part of the market off. With a simpler classical Chuck, but yet keeping iconic Off-White branding as in the shoe laces, text, tab and tag, you can get a different kind of customers on board. In fact, i only owned 1 pair of Off-Whites before.

The black presto because they were much more slick and discrete with the black laces on. These are my 2nd. I absolutely love how they are quiet yet explicitly off-white while very reminiscent of a OG Chuck. Brilliant work for me.

George Ray says:

Hi Seth, I have a clarification on Adidas CP9249. the primeknit colors in particular

zkingthaunfazed says:

Seth can you review the Y-3 4-D runner

Pablo Escobar says:

So do they come with extra laces or ???

SaW VTi says:

I feel like these are a bit half arsed compared to all the other off whites, but maybe that’s me

Flash Gonda says:

Plz help there are no videos on how to lace off white prestos og plz show me how you lace yours!

Morgz - Sneakers says:

Why do I love this shoe

Joey Simon says:

why didn’t they even change the medial logo? would have looked so dope if it was upside down like the heel logo

Ronnie Clark Street says:

i wear chucks to lift weights in like a ton of others. i would love to cop these to stunt at the gym!

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