Off-White Converse Chuck Taylor Style Tips

The Off-White Converse Chuck Taylor is a striking shoe with the writing, the hang tags, the laces, and especially the translucent sole and upper. In this video, you’ll learn how to style the shoe from an expert on style—Brad Hall (me).

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Thanks for watching.

-Brad Hall


Kevin Pastor says:

Shoe version of reportoftheweek

Bill Richardson says:

These are probably the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen in my life and I already think converse are hideous

「 WFLZ 」 says:

2:55 not gonna lie, that actually looks pretty fire

layla says:

ooooh buddy

2423 6585 says:

the arrogant “cool kids” today look exactly like the people that were bullied by the cool kids in the 90s.

Tassia D. says:

is this a joke? I really cant tell if he is making fun of these shoes or what haha

robby says:


lorrenzo mokgosana says:

but cleaning it up it a mess

Julio Arregui says:

Is this channel a joke?

kat g says:

Ok but how about highlighter yellow socks?

Zachary June says:


Anil Kumtale says:

Is this plastic made?

haleigh says:

these look futuristic!

King boss911 says:

I love this video how did he not lagh

Pedro soliano says:

“we all where masks, metaphorically speaking”

Grayson Garner says:

This is my type of comedy

okaudalpus says:


893zero says:

HA that dnr killed me XD

H4ppy Rosen says:


Mehana N says:

they’re nice but I could do without the tags

Sad Panda says:

“DNR” lmao

pieck panikabutr says:


Troll M8 says:

Do not resuscitate

Fwyck X says:

So enthusiastic

id k says:

I Have This MASSIVE Feeling That Brad Is A Troll.

Alyssa Chansler says:

1:09 a whole mood

Chuong Nguyen says:

Am I hearing a robot speaking….shockless lol

tai man says:

Nice humor

Arrazate says:

I would pick a fun pair of socks

*pulls out some brown socks*

Ben11&5 says:

0:40 ahahah I’m dead

Ryan Choong says:

Mr steal yo gurl~~

Ryan Ab says:

Salute to the guy. Keeping a straight face like that, man.

Leigh Beers says:

*D N R*

xXx__J-Redez__xXx says:

Sheldon cooper

Kevvin_ro says:


Sasha S says:

are we absolutely SURE this is satire???

topo says:

i really don’t know is his videos are a joke

Erica V. says:

i’m sorry what

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