People Try Waterproof Converse Sneakers

Can these sneakers survive the ultimate spill test?

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Tokyo Mi says:

Converse, and waterproof. YES PLAS

kassi420 says:

Man I would love to have that pair of all whites

Miguel Aglipay says:

Buzzfeed’s version of Don’t Believe the Hype

john doe says:

do you know what mud means…..

Scarydrago says:

You should try Vans sk8 hi MTE

Jon Jacques says:

How do you clean waterproof shoes?


Ima stick to the 750s

Tim Leukert says:

How much did u get for this? XD

Robert Davis says:

They only poured it on them, they didn’t step into the water and stuff

TWrecks says:

They get in the eyelets though. Fuckin dummy

Queen says:

Ew converse

Jake From State Farm says:

Or use crepprotect on any sneaker

Wakeboard Life says:

how can it be waterproof if they havent actually dipped them in water… they just poured a little bit of water over them lol. i bet if they sat down next a pool and left them dangling most the way in for 5 minutes the water would start to get through the fabric and onto their feet lol.

Tanner 1126 says:

Knock off Doc Martens

Deeves Does Stuff says:

Just were boots idiots

Kupboard says:

Where did you get the “mud”

Awesome Bananas says:


Adolf hitler Hitler says:

That’s the most diluted mud I have ever seen

DillNE says:

I have a pair of the leather one and I didn’t know they are supposed to be waterproof

Gaming Around says:

I have a pare lmao

Huzaifah Haleme says:

is that leather?

XxTheGamingNerdxX says:

This is not a want, it’s a need. I love converse

Evdog06 Gamer says:

No just get crep

AikenPvP says:

No need for crepe protect

Jayden V. says:

Nerds be like it actually water resistance

AJolie _17 says:

“mud” hmm

Josh Siple says:

Ever heard of crep

Aa Zz says:

You know, those were basically boots that look like shoes, I don’t know why they were so surprised… In any case, it’s super easy to make waterproof shoes and the whole melting candle wax on your shoes thing works because the material normally used in shoes is polar, so liquids like water bond to it. But wax is non-polar, so the water just can’t create a covalent bond. Just use non-polar materials.

Jake From State Farm says:

I’m definitely getting these for stepping on coke

Alya kpopers says:

Or you could juat rub some freaking candle on your shoes,melt it and Boom! Waterproof shoes

Charles Jackson says:

I can’t skip this ad.. wtf?

can u dont says:

Would rather get Crep Protect

Flash Zephyr says:

Water resistant*

Adriana AM says:

I love converse

Psych says:

800 comment

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