Reebok Crossfit Lite Tr Poly vs. Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® shoes for powerlifting review

Reebok Crossfit Lite Tr Poly vs Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® review for the three basic lifts in powerlifting. Shukin wears the Reebok Crossfit shoe on his right foot and Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® on his left foot and comments on the differences he notices.


benoit D'Haenens says:

Look shit the crossfit converse looks better

Aldrin Amistad says:

Great comparison!

Heave Ho says:

Sold im getting them, thanks

Aldrin Amistad says:

Great comparison!


Hi i am going to start gym and i want to buy shoes , which one is more better? Is there any shoes which we can use for running as well as gymming ? Please suggest


thnks for your time cheers

Topcat 129 says:

new converses for skateboarders and a couple of other ones have very good insoles now you should check it out it might work for you

Eddie says:

how would you compare sizes with the converse? some people say go the same size, the vast majority of people say to go half a size bigger on these compared to the chucks, for example, if you wear 8.5 then you should consider buying 9 in these..

the other minority said to go half size smaller than what you would wear on the converse,..

its confusing, whats your experience with these?

Justin Mas says:

solid review, thanks!

Heave Ho says:

I want a power rac in my backyard

Dave Kenderdine says:

Great video and very informative! You really took the time to cover all points. As a Chuck lover, I need to reconsider my thoughts. Koodos Shukin!

Steven Otter says:

Awesome review Shukin! If the Reebok Crossfit prevents a rolled ankle, and therefore weeks of recovery, definitely worth the investment! Thanks in advance!

ben blankenship says:

I might get some of the converse.Are they comfortable !

Eric Parra says:

Lmao “i wouldn’t wear these to the bar and try to score bitches” had me rolling there for a good second.


hi first one and half minute both shoes are not snug fit for your feet loose.big for you .i am gonna listen

Bhasker Devandla says:

converse all star is the best

Chris Davis says:

Could you do a review over the tr2.0

Brian says:

lmfao awesome commentary

David Chan says:

sizing the same as the chucks?

Dylan Metzdorf says:

“to try and score bitches” ahha subbed cuz of that comment

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