Review of Squatting in Converse

I highly recommend getting Converse to perform squats and deadlifts in. These are the most comfortable squat shoes that I have ever owned. Today was leg day but I just wanted to review the Converse Chuck Taylors.

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Carlos Rocha says:

Tried them last time I trained legs, and imediatly felt more strength, much better than squating in running shoes! Keep up with the good work in your channel 🙂

Detrionne Davis says:

Have you thought about trying squat shoes? I’ve talked to a few people I’ve seen wearing them in the gym and heard great things. They also look cool

Josh says:

not to depth though

Bascorasco says:

You might want to try a switch to low bar squats because you have long femurs and appear to be a naturally hip/back dominant squatter.

The Afro Tank says:

They are not optimal for high bar squats, the sole don’t compress or cush though, ankle dorsiflexion is an issue for me since i dont have too much arch on my feet

Paul Weaver says:

Great explanation and you covered some great points buddy

LIttle Jeeper says:

Converse is great for lifting. I wouldn’t use any other sneakers

Natural American Baby says:

Hi. Can I use these shoes for weighted lunges like on the smith machine or just bar? Thanks.

Strength Endeavours says:

Great video G. How long have you been powerlifting? Your channel is dope, subbed and looking forward to seeing your progress. Documenting my powerlifting journey on my channel, feel free to check it out! Catch you about on the toobs! 🙂

Jorghinio Alfred says:

your heels are not touching the ground during squats.
how is your mobility now ? i see this was almsot 2 years ago

Alberto Jimenez says:

Man don’t know how you can train that early lol, I’ve heard that best time to train is from noon to 6, and yes agreed flat shoes are great for the gym!

Alexred94 says:

I usually squat bare foot but I need some Nike romaleos

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