Unboxing The OFF WHITE x Converse Chuck Taylor 70

Virgil Abloh and Converse have given the Chuck Taylor life. As part of the original “The Ten Icons”, the OFF WHITE x Converse Chuck 70 features a completely translucent body with ample details surrounding the shoe.

The shoes released on the morning of May 8th, 2018 on Nike and OFF WHITE’s official site. A global release is on May 12th.

Full store list: https://bit.ly/2rxEbvE

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Agent_47_Spanky_ Wanly says:

These are terrible

Dylan Martino says:

Hey bro maybe you could help me I’m trying to find out about dose raptor 4s they was supposed to be released on may 12th but no stores that I called heard any things there the NRG 4s could you please give me some details on this particular sneakers

Marx Farx says:

Ugliest hyped shoe of 2018

Jimmy Jimena says:

the sign at the back is illuminati the sign of the star

buns cinna yums says:

Waiting for when them shits to be on clearance

Alex Lx says:


On the real pair the text on the side is slimmer and a bit faded this text is super bold and loud not to mention toebox text

Sangwoo Park says:

Entered the draw for the first time. I got my first L…

Grace Hampton says:

I am a die hard converse fan!!! I wanted these sooo bad i dont even care about the other brand those looks sick

Lyan's Life says:

from 60$ to how much? LOL

John Ramonino says:

Should have said “chucks” on the box

Nguyen Tran says:

The box is inside out

Quang Hung says:

Lul made in vietnam XD vietnam is my country 😀

tran duong says:

Made in vietnam , really

ximo prito says:


Ricky Gutierrez says:

Damm I love Converse Chuck Taylor’s but these are ugly!!! They messed up by making these in a clear rubber. So many other colorways would have been Fire, but these are an L!!!!

WJian Lim says:

anpkick have sell sneakers .

luis aguilar says:

The orange tab that looks like a minor detail is a head nod to Nike… in the original design Virgil wanted to include the Nike check mark But Nike denied it so instead he sewed on the orange tabs which if you look on any of the other Nike releases of the off white line are what hold the Nike check and place so this was his hidden way to get sort of what he wanted

TheyCallMeRaja crl says:

Converse own by nike scince when?

mj goat says:

Dem shits ugly..

Lalaland says:

virgil abloh, known to state the the obvious as key details. Also making common knowledge look completely stupid, the guy is missing some brain cells. I’m telling you. How does he not know what actual left and actual right is????? What a waste of human life…

yeezyhendrix says:

Anyone else think the whole quotation marks thing corny as hell

Hafizz Freerun says:

I love off white so much but this,I hate converse

Killian Pierce says:

You gotta be kidding me…I don’t understand with these design it’s just stupid and obviously “OFF-WHITE” is overrated
designed by “CREATIVE” “ARTIST”

Ben A. says:

They look like used condoms… just sayin

Slicky says:

these look fresh as fuck

Amanda S says:

Damn. Those are really really nice.

Dee09 Motivation says:

Mann I would rock them

Scared of toasters says:

So how hard will these be to get?

F.R. F says:

do they size the same as regular converse ? thx

Noahhh15 says:

How would u use crep protect on these

Rian Hidayat says:

Is that made in Vietnam legit?

江京学 says:

What is this shit? Plastics?

Eelke Westra says:

Damn they ugly AF.
Why the fuck does converse let this happen to their brand.
From classic sturdy shoe to some plastic boi shoe.

NickMaddox0 says:

This is by far the best shoe of the colab

Chief Star says:


Sound World says:

So ugly 😐

Lost Orbit Official Vevo says:


Hannah M says:

I’ve been lusting after these over priced shoes since i first saw them

dat boi says:

so fucking ugly I would take a shit in them

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