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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samuel Pulley says:

That’s my opinion

vibezey 75 says:

Vans are better nibba

Adam says:

Converse was created for basketball so idk why people skate in them….

Samuel Pulley says:

And also converse last longer

Peter MacRae says:

Yoo wtf are those shoes omg they are fucked

Creator Sun says:

Converse the main OG

ConnorSkateboards says:

I love Vans! #VansOffTheWall #VansOriginals

MattSowiHD says:

I just skate as transportation along side a scooter and bike so if you are like me you can get by with regular vans for 5 months or so.
what I do is go to a thrift store and look for vans I went 3 times so far and got 2 pairs of shoes in near new condition the other thing I can do since I got 2 pairs for 11 dollars is wait until a lot of coupons and a sale are at Kohls available this way I get brand new shoes for really really cheap

JickyLag says:

Does anyone know what the women’s converse 7.5 is in vans sizes?

Patrick Mediodia says:

Adopt dont shop <3

Stan Zender says:

DUDE, YOU’RE VEGAN!! very, very good choiche of you dale, i didn’t even know that you’re vegan, holy crap

Cody Jackson-Tripp says:

Im terrified to blow out my lakai pretty sweet editions cause I don’t know where to buy more

zak Clevenger says:

They’ll also skate shoes that don’t work for them just to fit in with other kids

The Whizkid says:

Hot glue makes skate shoes last longer since 1963. haha

Glenn Valenza says:

Pits are beautiful I love them

Insecure Boi says:

Converse is better. IN MY OPINION!

FB ayy says:

Converse is popular

Derek Vigil says:

Dude you eat your shoes !?

Mr. G says:

I like the pro vans checkered(don’t hate me) because it’s stylish, comfy, and has nice board feel.

Punished Retard says:

Mirin that Nails shirt

TheMr Manav says:

Kids better than me

Fall3n Vandals says:

I always skated suede because I like how they last and the feel. I mostly skate lakais tho

4nth0ny5159 says:

I like Vans for their ability to last longer but I like Converse for their design

SaVaGe GaMinG says:

Converse really tight no toe move ment

Hans Peter says:

how about comparing vans authentic with them if you take those converse? there are better converse shoes. bad bad bad lol

pie50072 says:


Noah Jones says:

I love my vans

emoxvx says:

Nice to see you sporting a Nails tee!

hammmmrd says:

Whats the size differences between vans and cons

Ethan Windham says:

VANS all day! Converse is to flimsy

kim jim un IV says:

0:44 aw crap ya got me

Vicent Asgard says:

I don’t care about your fucking dog asshole, I came here for skate shoes

Diogo Anacleto says:

What is the name of the pants style?

marganita eden says:

I used authentic vans cause they were thin but then I used some Nike SB’s ( janoski’s )and they were kinda worst for some reason but then I used Converse ( all star )and they were the best I’ve used out of the three

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