Vince Staples Talks About Vince Staples’ Converse Sneaker

Vince Staples (YouTuber/rapper/really nice guy) joins me (Brad Hall) and gives his most revealing interview ever about his upcoming collaboration with Converse in this video sponsored by Converse. Vince talks about a wide range of topics, from his Converse Chuck 70 High Top all the way to his Converse Chuck 70 Low Top. It’s a can’t-miss Vince Staples interview if you don’t want to miss Vince Staples talking about his own shoe. Thanks for watching.

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-Brad Hall


Burry Bondz says:

Is this stephen hawking’s chair.

OGMillyMillz says:

Trash, but good video since it’s Brad Hall!

Sangwoo Ji says:

Is this Brad dude on a concept? Or….?

Sean Dafny says:

Thanks to Eric Andre, i am far less surprised by things like this. its a good skill to have i guess

so: says:


Mike D. says:

It’s lit!

Fatima Kane says:

I’ve never been more uncomfortable

Riza Saputra says:

the type of guy who look up and down when across the street

Kybrin Grantham says:

This dude is awkward asf lol

draco lawson says:


Greg Henley says:

The awkwardness was so thick you could shave it

joshman yay says:

0:21 What’s that thing in the window, it moves and disappears

ohgoshmace says:

wtf kinda video is this.. definitely wasted 5 minutes of my life

Early Man says:

this man got a eames chair split as two separate chairs

Persi Giecson says:

my name is what?
my name is who?
my name is…brad.

DopeChannelFSV says:

vince is the greatest rapper of the century. unrefutation –

Sean Dafny says:

Bra wtf


this hurts

Derek Bowe, Jr. says:


Mr.JC3241 says:

Vince trying so hard not to laugh!!!

Neurotic Sos says:

This is brilliant

Crystal says:

this interview.. is fire

Max Bodnar says:

If he had called him Vincent Staples it would’ve been 10x funnier

Ash Chau says:

Nice outro

flex johnson says:

Absolutely sensational video as always, Brad. Love you and keep up the good work.

ravioli comet says:

this dude look like a german Leon Trotsky

Nikelow says:

“Get me a pairdaddy” is the name of my boat.

Sean Dafny says:

Bra this look like one of them skits the student council use to do every mornin at school before class start.

EpicTrek1.0 says:

Still can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t run the ball

"Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star says:


Robert Ingram says:


SeanHarrisTT says:

breh why have i never seen this guy before ??!!! best sneaker youtuber hands down.. we need him on full size run

Wergoheb says:


Quintin Newton says:

” shoe is not waterproof…” #hilarious

Maow. says:

Wow, that guy is great!

HBK * says:

This guys a troll

Csaba Csorba says:

This video makes me want to make a youtube channel reviewing shoes in a very cringey style, just to meet Vince…

Myles Guy says:

I love this.

Raekwon Schembri says:

Is this purposely really awkward

Nguri Kavita says:

The Dude is weird AF

Jadey.L.W says:

I hope he is playing and not deadass serious…

Hydro POnyE says:

Very nice video Brad.. Love your videos and dressing style.. I like to copy it but i miss some of your acessories.. Like glasses.. Can you make video about getting that things.. Thanks very much


those chairs are so dope what are they called

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