Air Max 1 Amsterdam vs Hanon Diadora N9000 Saturday Special

Air Max 1 Amsterdam vs Hanon Diadora N9000 Saturday Special
Instagram: @DoctorSoles11


Raf Buddy says:

colorway on the Amsterdam’s is unreal. Parra’s artwork is dope and the og shape of the am1. Gotta be the air maxes doc

jonesbunny says:

Do they run the same size as nike?

Marcus Johnson says:

Where do you buy your shoes? None of your diadoras are on their website. Plus I’ve paid $150 for my diadoras (No extra shoestrings or inner soles.) You should do a video on fake vs real diadoras.

John T says:

from a purely aesthetic view the diadoras win all day for me

Patrick H says:

Diadora ftw. Good call. Very dope.

hundred_ stacks says:

Oh and almost forgot blue laces all day your not living rite with the brown #teamdiadoraallday

Raf Buddy says:

oh just recently picked up the asics hanon solstice. those are primo as well. 2018s been pretty weak so far

MaitreMoebius81 says:

Really nice shoe. Not my favorites but I’d still like to add them to my Diadora collection. I though have the same view as you as these amazing shoes are pieces of art. And don’t worry; by having a huge sneaker collection it will take a long time to wear them out if ever. But I haven’t seen any Kangaroos so far in your collection. Check out “The Playmaker”, still a few available in online stores. Kangaroos has amazing collabs. #teamdiadora

hundred_ stacks says:

If there was no hype and it was strictly on quality and colorway hands down SS crushes the Amsterdam’s !!!! It eeez wat it eeeeezzzzzz

jimmy Frisko says:

Don’t @ me

nmazzenga says:

I think you hit in perfectly. AM1s are more significant to the history of sneakers, but the Diadoras are unmatched when it comes to quality and build. I lean towards the Saturday Specials, but I am admittedly biased lol

Unxpekted says:

Am1 shits on the Diadora.

Zach B says:

Loving the videos recently! Would you ever consider making a video (or videos) going over your entire collection? You seem to have one of the most diverse collections on YouTube and it would be cool to see everything its made up of

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