Bethanie Mattek-Sands Playtesting Tennis Shoes

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Playtesting Tennis Shoes

adidas, Nike, Asics or Diadora?! Bethanie playtests shoes to find the best fit for her feet and her game!

WTA Doubles star, Bethanie Mattek-Sands picks a tennis shoe to compete in for the rest of the season!

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Bethanie Mattek-Sands Playtesting Tennis Shoes


John Lumapas says:

Glad to see you playing again Beth. You scared me a little last time i Saw you

saigonbond says:

Excellent job BMS!

Марк Захаров says:

adidas Stella McCartney

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Great reviews BMS! Seems to me she likes some extra length on her shoes! Trying the wide version of the Vapors could work out, hopefully I can try it myself. Beauutiful strokes Bethanie!

Mike Cranston says:

Very well spoken, eloquent and has the pro Cred. Question, obviously she has no shoe sponsor? Personally, I’ve become loyal to Asics after the GOAT: Solution Speed 2’s.

llamawizard says:

What’s the deal with her socks? She smuggling some cankles?

Jackie Krejci Spicuzza says:

Love your video. Hopefully not the last one you do for TW.

92OnTV says:

Good to see you back Bethanie <3

Marcos Murakami says:

Great, Mattie!!! 😉

Gavla Tennis says:

Great video. Kudos to her for doing that.

aligboyakasha says:

this was one of the better reviews i’ve seen in the entirety of online tennis reviews. good too see that she was able to come in unbiased toward brands.

virtualyme says:

Does she test the knee socks too?

jomarcandelaria says:

great review from pro herself. I am a nike guy but since using the asics court ff, i believe this is the right pair for me. Hopefully more upcoming colorways.. i have minor plantar fasciitis and this shoe feels no pain even hitting for 2-3hrs. So i would bet that Matty will pick this asics ff over adidas stella

leisurefarm says:

i wish she could be a permanent playtester!

DeceitfulDestiny says:

Definitely glad to see her back!

James Mauer says:

Love her technique. So clean and smooth. Love the backhand. Very glad TW got a pro player to review shoes! Thanks BMS & TW!!! All the Best to BMS in Recovery.

OrganicHealer says:

Nike stinks

Janice Johnson says:

AWESOME review Bethanie!!! You did the best review that I ever watched on TW. Sorry guys, but that was real and indepth. I wish more pros like you could review sneakers

Jason Lewis says:

WoW Your beautiful!! Whats your Instagram!! or SnapChat!!

Ange Medwid says:

BMS needs to do this more often. She clearly describes the attributes of the product. She is great as a presenter. Her future looks bright after she is off the court!

Miguel Barahona says:

Beautiful Bethanie, it´s great to see you again!

tigerbalm says:

Yukk…all ugly shoes! I would n’t even wear any of those even if they were free. Those Diadora are so ’80s trashy. The old Adidas adizero were awesome. Nikes look ghetto.

J Ray says:

I’ve tried Vapor, Ubersonic 1and 2, Barricade4/5/6/7/ 7boost, Gel Speed 3 and Ballistec 1.5, and Vapor is definitely the worst; hurt my toes every time when I play with them.

Richard Chang says:


Newton Firefly says:

Bethanie Mattek-Sands, am so glad and excited to see You back on court on the WTA tour again. You look very well recovered from that horrific injury. You are a champion to get up and back up again. Also saw Your energetic, ‘wild & crazy’ interviews, commentary last year while You were recovering. Saw Your match recently, though it was a loss, You still show Your fighting spirit. May You keep it going, up and well.
Your review here is the best! Not full of marketing hype, rather honest review of the product and how it performs for You and Your needs.
Wondering if You had considered or tried the Wilson Ampilfeel boot or NikeCourt Flare boot [designed for Serena (her foot wouldn’t be narrow, now would it?) or the new NikeCourt Zoom Zero?
For me, am still partial to the feel and support of leather, which there are few of. These Diadora’s You tried in this video looked very good, especially since they are kangaroo leather. Interested to know how that aspect feels. There was no comment about it. Also, from Your early comments about them, why did You not continue with them as a possibility? In the leather shoes available, what are Your impressions of K-Swiss? They were of my favorites from the early days. Maybe, the traction is too ‘sticky’ for You?? What about Puma or Fila, who still make a leather? New Balance also has some leather shoes, but some are mixed with mesh?
Another new version of shoes is stated as a ‘knit’, but the exact material content is not. K-Swiss has their K-Nit. NB has a knit also. Maybe others too? What do You know about them? For me, much prefer a natural breathing material, not a synthetic mesh or knit that has some breathing added feature to a material that does not. If the knit is natural, then preferred to synthetic mesh. Thinking about it reminds me of my old canvas tennis shoes, when we had difficulty spending extra on the leather. Then leather became the standard. [What happened to that??!]
Any way, if You can respond, between Your busy schedule as You prepare for the next tournament of the US Open Series [Toronto, then Cincinnati and on to Flushing Meadows!], it would be helpful.
All The Best and Much Success !! Keep On Climbing and Growing!
{oh a side question, You changed from using a Donnay Xenecore to Babalot. Am a bit surprised, especially since Babalots are notoriously stiff. Why so?)

SkyreeXScalabar says:

What a beauty and a beast, Pro Tip: if you tie the laces right hand under, the loops will be diagonal but if you do right hand over the loops will be horizontal

Bing Zhao says:

This is very pro review.

Sam Honiball says:

Great, honest review

Ionut Dragomir says:

Awesome lady ! Playing (proper tennis shots also ) and talking in the same time .. that’s not easy ! RESPECT ✊

William Cramer says:

Mattie is awesome. Great collaboration! Her opinion really counts.

G Carmona says:

I have wide feet..and most tennis shoes seem built for narrow feet.
Prince t-22 had been my default but it’s a heavy shoe. Anyone have recommendations?

James Li says:

This review is just perfect. First of all, Bethany. Second of all, Bethany. Third of all, she nailed the right points – no generic stuff. Fourth of all, Bethany.

Anneka Bower says:

Why’s she standing in front of the baseline?

Paul Musarra says:

A future play tester. Sign her up. Enjoyed the real time commentary.

WinX says:

I love you Bethanie!!! <3 Glad to see you back on the tour. Great review. 🙂

80sruler says:

I just tried the Court FF and like them (outside of getting them on over my ankle braces). Light and low and fast and plenty of width

Mindy Macready says:

I can watch Bethanie all day long. Shoes? What shoes?

Mike O. says:

It’s so good to see Bethanie back on the court after that horrific injury.

Poncho Gp says:

Asics, if you use the last lace hole closest to the ankle to cinge your ankle down into the shoe, the laces are not long enough.
Its the same for the GR7, laces are too short to use the last hole, the upper is now made of plastic instead of fabric material in the GR6. Plastic upper doesn’t stretch as much as the fabric material in the GR6

ch282 says:

why did she change her hair?

TheRamboBeast says:

nice review. i think the channel should experiment more with “live reviews” as testers play and review verbally at the same time. it’s more authentic. but harder.

Sapient Budgie says:

This woman is a star. Looks badass, killer modern strokes and great on camera.

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