Concepts X Diadora N9000 “Lire” review

Boston premium sneaker retailer Concepts drops its newest collaboration with Italian sneaker company Diadora. Titled “Lire” in honor of the Italian currency, the N.9000 silhouette adopts the 500,000 note’s colorful scheme of aquamarine and pink along with subtle greens and off-white accents on a primarily beige outer. Nice touches include the green “500000″ embroidered along the rear quarter panel, the holographic “security” mark/tongue label and the currency-esque sock liner. Coming in a custom shoe box with three sets of laces

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Anthony Huang says:

great vid! Keep the great work!

AStorffs12 says:

Dope video like always and thanks for the sizing help on IG. I went 0.5 down 9.5 is my size I got a 9 so hopefully I am good.

Praavind Kumar says:

Good stuff as usual g.

AStorffs12 says:

Thank you for the help on IG and always dope videos reviews I went 0.5 hopefully I am good. I wear a 9 normally but went to the 8.5

nick p says:

cop them this morning . can’t wait to get them. honestly this might be my future wedding shoes. lol

khoodyyp says:

nice review these are fire cant wait to get them in hand, there was allot of bs this year but diadora came through a few times,the quality on there shit is A+ …..hope it doesnt get played too quick by becoming to hyped…. but still you gotta just do you fuck em

HiiiOffDopeKix Johnson says:

These were 200 because the collabs. Other Diadora’s run from about $100-$130 for non-collabs. Imo probably the most comfortable pair of kicks I slid my feet into. These look dope with white flat laces too! Imo. Definitely a dope collab with Concpts

jmikefitness says:

Nice review bro! I can’t wait to get my pair.

D Briscoe says:

dann them shits are crack..fucking cncpts

DufFUnkTV says:

Nice to see the old school b boy shoes making a comeback.. Diadora is killin it. Iv seen some things from British Knights same OG concepts nothing new Lotto puts out some ok stuff but id really like to see them get back in the game with some strong collabs

MrCrispycoyle says:

Love the channel Bro. I cannot wait to get these in hand. I almost copped 2 pair this morning when the website glitch would only let you checkout with 2 pairs. I eventually went with 1 pair, but I feel like these are going to be classics in the future. Just like the CNotes. Thanks for filming the video, and uploading it so quick. Now I can go to work tonight thinking about these. Lol.

Matt M says:

Concepts just restocked these

Matthew W says:

This review blows ball joints

Rick 13 says:

are there true to size?

Willo C. says:

What you mention on 04:40 about the way the inner paper was placed, I believe it was intentional taking the SB Grail Collection issues as a reason, the golden/foil paper messed up the Dunk lows turning to an additional pain in the ass for CNCPTS on that release; its a “learn from your mistakes” I believe.
BTW, I thought the pair will come with Lire (“Lira”) printed-bills -don’t ask me why- at least for the in-store release, that would’ve been dope.
Great video, salutes from Puerto Rico!

Jewels Winfield says:

Skip the first five minutes. You guys are welcome.

khalil abdul-wahid says:

if this is ‘dabs’…this is homie that bummed a couple squares off you.(hate to be that guy right now). great review & a very cool first camp out experience for me due to yourself & the rest of ya nyc cronies. hope to see y’all for another offering. peace, bro.

Unxpekted says:

Still liking these? Or you sell them?

That1GL says:

these are beautiful, kind of regret sleeping. lol

ekaram32 says:

Diadoras are definitely sick, this pair in particular looks really good, Concepts knocked this out of the park! Awesome vid

nick p says:

just earned yourself a subscriber

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