Diadora Brasil Italy OG (Blackout) – One Take Review + On Feet

Diadora Brasil Italy OG Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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Kirsty says:

I love your enthusiasm in this video. I can always tell your interested in boots & the technology involved, but this time the excitement pours out which is brilliant to watch. These boots really do look lovely & plush.

Javan Chan says:

Josh’s face when he was sticking the insole back into the boot looks soooo happy, like a boy with his favourite toy.

A.L 18 says:

Hey i’m Memphis

Ben Goodfellow says:

Have you had a chance to put any time into these yet? The studs under the heel seem strangely far away from the back of the boot and I was wondering what that felt like or meant from a performance stand point?

leefootball _14 says:

How durable is it, is it more durable than the Nike premier ?

Kevin Cassman says:

You like them so much, you should really do a play test vid

Mike Cardarelli says:

Do you still have these in a 9.5 us? Really fishing for a pair and $20 shipping on other sites is just not cool especially when I’m paying nearly $300

Long Shotzz says:

Play test? 🙂

Aditya Chaturvedi says:

How is the traction on these in compare to the copa mundial and Mizuno morelia?

WTFx says:

Josh have your opinions changed on this boot over the last 2 weeks of wear? Any overstretching?

Nick Maene says:

i have some trouble for sizing my football boots.. if ma regular schoe size is 44.5, is my football shoe size 45??

TheDukeOfCastleWolf says:

Watch out kids out there! This is adult’s football boots. So please if you are less than 25, stay out from here.

GoodstuffSoccer says:

None the less!

Christopher Mantl says:

Really confused about sizing…. are they Stretch a lot? I run size 10 us in vapors which size here? :-/

Danish Javed says:

Josh, is it possible to go half a size down in natural leather boots given that they’ll stretch? I have excessively narrow feet to the point where anything other than a Mercurial requires 2 socks so fit is a problem for me.

Kang Man Wong says:

so whats your ranking for the leather boots of tiempo, copa17, brasil italy and mizun made it japan?

SlusiTV says:

Do they feel extremely heavy compared to boots like the Tiempo Legends?

Marius Rasmussen says:

wonder how many stringbacks josh have

Friz Meister says:

Good idea to buy a half size down? Leather do expands yA

Daniel Adrianzen says:

These look amazing. Have always been a fan of quality leather shoes, I’ll definitely consider them for a future purchase. Unfortunately I didn’t have a great experience with the copa mundials, they just felt a little too bulky, and I guess I did a poor job buying the right size because they overstretched to the point where my foot started sliding around inside the shoe (even though i thought they fit semi snugly out of the box). made me even make the switch to synthetics.. have never worn synthetics before. will be an interesting experience.

Joss Brannigan says:


Scott Brennan says:

I’m Memphis

Football Videos For You says:

Should I get these in black and white for £114

Rocco Strangio says:

Hey Josh, could you do a play test with these beautiful boots?

DavidRM18 says:

I’ve had Copas and Nike Premier, and the comfort on both is great. I really like the look of these though. Might get these as my next boots after my Premiers are spent.

Paul Bancelin says:

Diadora Brasil Italy OG vs Mizuno Morelia 2 MIJ
Umbro Speciali Eternal vs Mizuno Morelia 2 made in Indonesia

Joss Brannigan says:

What was the first synthetic boot

Anthony Farrelll says:

they are honestly my favourite boots of all time, apart from OG Pred Mania. EVERY THING about that boot screams quality. Josh, can you please do a test and review of these classic boots.

Daniel Phillips says:

If i am a size 11 in Copa would you get 11 or 11.5 for these?

Christopher Mantl says:

Can You make a Play test Review ? They look awesome!! Must turn into slippers

effsfwesfaw says:

If I were to buy my first pair of very traditional styled shoes, would you recommend these over the Copa Mundial or the Morelia MIJ?

Nathan A says:

I just found these for 130$. I’m looking to buy them. I’m my tiempos I’m a size 9 what size should I get for these?

Eben Matthews says:

Damn, I want a pair!

Justin Yopp says:

Hey Josh – how would you say these fit compared to the calfskin versions? Width, length, and overall shape.

Nathan A says:

When can we expect a play test?

Arturo Garcia says:

All your videos are very informative. But When you are really excited about a shoe like this one, it makes the video so much more fun to watch.Not that your other videos are boring. Ive been debating between Diadora Brasil and Copa Mundial. Anyway Thanks for the reviews.

Aditya Chaturvedi says:

And what do you except in terms of durability about them ? Should last a season ?

Diego Toro says:

I just got these in the mail and they are easily the best cleats I have ever worn. I highly recommend these to whomever is looking for leather boots. Thanks Josh!

TheDukeOfCastleWolf says:

Josh. I think the Adipure I from 2008, was also high quality K-leather. I mean, the entire boot was made from pure K-leather. I still have mines and the leather is so soft…And it has a unique K-leather smell, it still has the quality since 2008.

Bambang Wijaya says:

suitable for wide feet?

Andre Matos says:

This or mizuno Morelia made in Japan ?

Eduardo Thomazin says:

Do you have a wife

rubmontero says:

will you do a test review?

Viraj Mehra says:

For someone who has a narrow foot, which boot is better, the Diadora Brasil Italy OG (Blackout) or the Mizuno Moleria Neo MIJ? Also, which has better leather?

Dave Chan says:

Josh, do u prefer the touch of this boot or the legend vi? And is the protection of this boot good?

Mitch says:

Hey I’m Memphis

Jovany Garcia says:

Hey Josh should i get a size 7 or 7.5? Bc i have some gloros that are 7.5 and they fit me really good. i also have some copas that are 6 and fit me well also

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