Hey Guys! Today we’re taking a quick detailed look at a brand new limited sneaker inspired by the fancy Holiday things.

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Young Gotti says:

I love my diadora shoes…but I wish they were more maroonish if they r based on wine

Guytorr11 says:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Chris.

John Rogers says:

In high school instead of buying me Nike, Reebok or Adidas shoes for basketball my Mom bought me a pair of Diadora high tops. I think she found them at Nordstrom Rack. No one including myself had heard of the brand. I got clowned a lot for them but they lasted longer than their Jordan 1s.

Rob Hingle says:

So as a brand, are they true to size or no?

DJ4080 says:

80s and 90s Street wear, Diodora was the shit along with Ellesse and Fila.

Werks Guy says:

They kinda remind me of brook’s shoe a bit lol. sick material on them.

Spidol Kering says:

Diadora’s top line were really good if it comes to quality, but their take down were not bad either. i have the Giraldo model, which is a lower end model, with phylon midsole and mesh upper, yet they are hold up really well, eventhough i use them for daily beater. and they are quite comfortable too.

Brian F says:

Soccer players here in the u.s are very familiar with this brand.

zhen bond law says:

The diadora and Rick and Morty collaboration is great , judge me

Integrafreak1 says:

More Dogs

Burton Anderson says:


GaBrIeLA7X12 says:

Nightwing really needs to do a podcast with his wife about random things

Rafael Gonzalez says:

Diadora was popular in the 80’s along with Ellese. At least here in Chicago and from what I can remember being around 8-10. I had a pair of each and my cousin had a few pairs of Diadora’s. Almost bought a pair 2 years ago.

Wayne Munta-Wakil says:

Ohhhhhh, that was a dope stop. Get it get it!

Jonathan Rentas says:

This video was so fun! Great look at the shoes (been curious ever since Noah has had them on his feet). There’s so much personality in this video, doing something different like this is refreshing and really opens up the channel. I laughed on more than one occasion throughout, this was a fun one. Happy thanksgiving to you all at Weartesters, I am thankful that something like this exist because of the hard work you (the Chase family) and everyone at weartesters puts into this. Have a great one everybody!

P.S. my favorite wine is Pinot Noir. NW, you would hate it. Goes well with steaks though, just saying lol

Arihiroki says:

The only time whine tastes good is when your turn it into a spritzer with whatever alcohol you like lol

rakinruldude14 says:

those are actually nice. happy thanksgiving folks! have a great one!

Kraz3e987 says:

These are super dope. I have too many red shoes tho

Camden Foster says:

Hey nightwing, what are some really good ventilated basketball shoes? Blisters and over sweating have ruined my life lately any tips?

Christian Henry says:

Those are super clean, gotta love that red suede

Professor B says:

We need to see the dog more in the show !

jlee 1899 says:

Really like their leather soccer cleats. Another model to try is their Titan Weave lifestyle shoe.

InZaneKicks says:

One of my favorite companies and this shoe is a perfect example as to why.

Munchell360 says:

When I visited Italy in August 2017, so many kids were wearing Diadora’s! I couldn’t find any in my size sadly. These are super dope

playingmusiconmars says:

Diadora is big in Europe! Great Brand and the build and materials are way above most Nike and Adidas models.

Robert Patterson says:

Love the different content to break up the monotony. Great job and man Pinot Sucks lol, can’t drink that stuff

Jason Umali says:

Diadoras are dope. Wish you could review some n9000s or hightops. Quality and comfort on those are A1

Farhan Hazman says:

Thank you for having Bianca in your videos.
Happy Thanksgiving to the Nightwings!

Victor Terminator says:

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

pmjc07 says:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the follow back and great communication. Thanks for the features & exclusive merch.

I didn’t like drinking wine at first. I’ve always preferred drinking beer and or hard liquor. One of my big bros got me into drinking wine. My favorite types of wine are merlot, moscato & Cabernet.

neeraj vamsi says:

Man U should just stop talking to the person behind the camera.thats annoying and waste of time

Tunaafacee says:

Happy Thanksgiving Nightwing family!

mos chef says:

30 years ago i had pair of diadora tennis shoes. The most comfortable shoes ive ever owned.

Ted Forsström Jacobsson says:

I’m not into all red kicks, so I’d love another color way, but those look great. Also the trainers thing mainly apply to the UK

Varian David says:

What type of red wine varietal was that? Also…..don’t diss UB-40! LMAO!! I used to own a few Diadora running shoes as a kid….bargain bin stuff. The shoe is super clean…and that box is awesome!! Side note: Your dog is adorable. I LOVE PITS! Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend to you and the entire Wing family!

e says:

having mrs. wing join in on the videos was the best idea ever. the videos just keep getting more and more fun. happy thanksgiving, guys!

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