Joltter review: Diadora DD-NA GLX

Joltter bursts onto the Unisport WebTV scene, with his first review and what better way to kick things off than with the latest contender on the Speed boot market, the Diadora DD-NA GLX. He gives his thoughts on the boot and we can already now reveal that he was very impressed and positively surprised. So watch and tell us what you think about the DD-NA and Joltter’s first WebTV performance. If you, like Joltter, love the Diadora DD-NA GLX, you can find it right here: (


Unisport says:

I honestly think the DD-NAs are very much suitable for artificial grass. The studs are not too long which makes it really comfortable to play with them. And even after 4 months of making this review i havent had any problems with the boots whatsoever!

But ‘officially’, you should not use your FG boots on artificial grass as it will affect your right of return so… you need to make your own decision 🙂

– Joltter, Unisportstore

Attilio Bitonte says:


luis sanchez says:

Does these Diadora DD NA is also made for speed like the Mercurials or it isn`t ?

BJohnson FIFA says:

Why would you pay £90 for a “barefoot feel” just play in barefoot

M Osaghae says:

I would like to see more reviews like this

Gabriel Whitlatch says:

Funny because he’s wearing all nike apparal

tobias Flakne says:

But Jollter? Are you Danish?

Trip Fulreader says:

Hi Jaallam,
Considering how the upper “morphs” a bit, I think it’s crucial to try them at a real shop – the SuprelPro seems to “pucker” contract and expand like real skin (crazy!). Using a thin performance sock, I had a tight enough initial fit that the upper slightly contoured to my toe knuckles (definitely tight). Then, over the course of 3-5 practices, they went from that to the best fit I’ve ever had. I’m usually an 11 US, but in the DD-NA I’m a 10.5. Hope that helps!

Viktor says:

Are these boots horrible to use at AG?

Fernando Albornoz says:

Joltter prefiere Hypervenoms por que tiene relaciones comerciales con Nike.

Tom Miller-Jones says:


chris david razo ramirez says:

ima pretty sure he said he lived in demark ……

Håvard Brandt says:

Review the diadora ddna 3 glx 14!!

DaNil Kotov says:

Подписывайтесь на мой канал

Swiggy Right says:

i like those boots because of the surface

Juan Rubio says:

Do u Recommend in Wide Feet or Skinnier Thinner Feet?

Ben's Hoodie says:

Why didn’t you guys do the ddna 2?

Trip Fulreader says:

In short – they nailed it (and liner is slip-free for me). For a normal heel, med or wide forefoot and/or toes that like to splay out (ie. most humans…) this is the speed boot for you. The skeleton+SuprelPro is wicked — responsive, contoured, skin-like stretch, thin and abrasion-resistant. From a k-leather guy patiently waiting for synth to evolve, it seems we’re here. Get thin TruSox, go tight on sizing, play 3-5 sessions, welcome to heaven! TY Diadora! Now we just need a true DD-NA turf! =)

kun AGÚERO says:

review the ddna 2 plz

Miki says:

Not sure if he said this but they only cost $115 for the high ends ones. And now that the DDNA 2s are out vujojosh was saying that you can buy them for $90. And the 2s are also the same, just different colourway and design on the boot

Joey Reynell says:

he is from Finland imbecile.

OlleBW says:

Lol you say foots instead of feet

Tien Ngo says:

can I use the DD-NAs on artificial grass?

job07100 says:

nice but weird seeing jolter with them on

Fernando Dominguez says:

If you follow diadora on instagram, they have give aways, I got a pair of DDNA’s 2, follow @diadorausa, unfortunately it’s only in the U.S.

HypaFootball says:

1st song name

Fernando Albornoz says:

Lejosssssssss Diadora DD-NAGLX

Derrick Washington says:

Where did you get the green colorway? I can only find the white/orange and blue/red.

Checho Triana says:

I’ve just bought dd-an! I’m playing this Sunday. Nice!!!

Arirang Kickerz says:

im personally Joltter’s huge fan!
bt u look bit unnatural in this video haha
dont get nervous !
go Unisport and Joltter !

Woo Qi Rui says:

Hey Unisport,can you all enlighten me on where to find the Green and Pink colourway of this on your stores online website?P.S I really need your response as I am interested in buying a pair!

937635Alex says:

Nike Mercurial Vapor 9’s or Diadora DDNA’s?

Aaqib Shafiq says:

I have them football shoes

Felix Müller says:


Unisport says:

You can find the green colorway on our website, the link is in the description 🙂

– Joltter, Unisportstore

tobias Flakne says:

I was just wandering if you have any contests about the shoes? If you have….How do you join it? If i get lucky i REALLY want to win a pair of boots hahaah 🙂

Navin Selvam says:


Jaallam says:

Hi..just wondering if these boots will be any good for my regular feet..i don’t have wide feet (i can fit in nike bomba pro confortably after breaking them in)…will these feel sloppy after they break in? Or will they continue to hug ny feet like a sock? I knw they’re not a thin soft leather but i read somewhere that they stretch more than they should….any help would be appreciated..thanks

Martin Borgo says:

Joltters first episode, and the rest is history…

JONATHAN Cardenas says:

How much do they cost ??

chris david razo ramirez says:

he is from Denmark asshole……

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