POSSIBLY THE WORST CLEATS OF 2017? – Diadora Blushield – Review + On Feet

Diadora Blushield Review

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Amelio Somo says:

Hi Josh,

I was wondering if you’ve heard of the brand Concave. They make some soccer boots that are kind of interesting. I had never heard of them until my friend bought a pair.

Rubens Braun says:

Those intros are great!!!

Syshot says:

The intro killed me lmao

Jack Simmonds says:

Evotouch 1 or evopower 1.3 leather?

Chan Chan says:

In my opinion Diadora is better off sticking with their leather boots rather than trying out synthetic

Savvas Pizanias says:

I feel bad for Diadora, but every company messes up, they still make quality stuff

Ishraque Noor says:

do a Diadora Marcana re-review

Zofo says:

New boot meme? Zippers, then the joma, now we have the long ass laces

Zain Arfoosh says:

My Hypervenom Phatal III’s also had extremely long laces.

Mario Castillo says:

I saw the Joma “Superflys” being worn by the goalkeeper of Fuenlabrada in their game vs Real Madrid. Can’t believe a pro would wear that boot.

MR MEBS says:

As much as i like wearing bootleg shoes and trying the less popular/well known brands, cant say this is one ill add to the “Sleeping On” collection

aleem rtcc says:

Hi josh and every body can you make a video on “Premier vs tiempo legacy 3 ” fans want a update either wise great content

jamakindragon says:

Will you ever do a playtest for the Joma Champion Max?

Antonio Gomez says:

The lace setup looks like Jordan 13s

Daniel Ao says:

Worst boots !

Babek Hasanov says:

As i said in my comment in one of previous videos this boots one of the best that i ever had.My thoughts was exactly as urs when they was delivered i was like what the fuck is this,but after i wear them in coople of matches my thoughts absolutely changed.they feel adifferent after u wear them for some time and u dont have that plasticy feeling anymore.and the stoods omg they are amazing u will never slide in them especially on wet pitch.for my my personal oppinion they look good they feel good there is no problems with touch just need to get use to them.only bad thing what i can say is they are getting really dirty especially in rainy English weather 🙂

tonybabdos17 says:

Diadora Bullshit

Tom north says:

Josh review a pair of sondico boots

Matthew Jones says:

Can you review the Diadora M.Winner RB Italy boots?

Keir Roberts says:

Adidas Paris failure

Joe Reyes says:

Hey josh what do you think is a better cleat for me I have a wide foot and I can’t choose for the pure control , phinish 3 or the tiempo legend 6

Friz Meister says:

Look, design n shape of boot looks off ddna. I had d ddna, n i feel it sucks. So i guess this is worse. Tho ive always like diadora with their kangaroo skin, this n their synthetics are extremely bad

oh I says:

What is the nemeziz 17.3 indoor sizing compared to regular shoes and hypervenom phinish 2

Blake Ross says:

I like the joma cleat better

Sebastian Scholz says:

Hi Josh. Do you review the diadora M.Winner RB OG Made in italy?

Go Bananas James Bond says:

cheapo stuff

RIZE HD says:

I think Diadora saw Josh’s videos thinking if they stick with laces they’ll get good reviews

Jack Gamble says:

Carbon fiber!

dkmillerdk says:

I Think its poop

Jeff Ameen says:

FWIW and IMHO – Diadora isn’t what it once was when I was playing year round in high school 20 – 25 years ago. Nearly 10 years ago Diadora was bought out by another Italian shoe company called Geox. I don’t know if the buyout was a hostile takeover, or if Diadora was going bankrupt, etc.

I always had a pair of Diadoras in my bag back in the day and I personally don’t think the quality has been the same thus far. That being said, the new Italian made Brasil’s look amazing and I’m hoping they’re finally turning the page. There’s just no way I’d be buying a pair of these Blueshields.

Danny Flores says:

The intro hahahhaha the first one i laughed at

Parker Stewart says:

I just know this intro is going to be incredible even before I click play

Convulsionz says:

Josh I need help I finally decided on some Hypervenom 3’s high top and I use a 9.5us on my Magista Obra 2, do you think I should get the same for the Hypervenoms?

PRBLM Beats says:

They should have just called the boot obuvwevwevwe obemusayosas

Jonathan Sng says:

omg i burst out laughing after 13seconds HAHAH

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