TOP 5 SAFETY SHOES AT $100 [ The Boot Guy Review ]
Here is a top five list of summer safetyshoes.
#3 REDWING WORX 6550 [,made-in-china/sort-gender-mens]
#2 REDWING WORX 5411 []


Carlos Oraison says:

Just wondering which safety shoe do you recommend for comfort regardless of price. On my feet on concrete floors 8 hours a day. Thanks mate

Vince van der Perre says:

Obvious, how much dough did Reebok pay you

MinecraftproreshandRobloxproresh says:

orpatic safey shoes to support spine.

yudhaekso says:

I do enjoy your review, would yu mind to make a review about boots fitting or shoe fitting on each of it’s purpose … thank you again for all your review. bless u

C Wise says:

any thing special for painters (Interiors) regular tennie?

MsLeelee94 says:

I will have to ask my Plant manager about this shoe cause the shoes on the shoe truck hurt all our feet my feet are always swollen and calluses and my pinky toe is blue or bruised I have 2 and a have yrs before I retire and I feel like I can’t make it because of my feet my Dr is not listening to me so I need to find the right shoe and size. So this Reebok is in the store? With it being composite I might get away with it working at my factory 12 hr shifts

SuperTuna7 says:

I’m in the same boat as Carlos Oraison. Looking for top recommendation of safety toe shoe for 8-10hrs on concrete floors. Ideally for EE or EEE sizing.

Kyle Coates says:

Stay away from all Reebok! The running shoes & boots breath as well as rubber boots, the grip is terrible and they are less comfortable than a full size boot. Must have taken a lot of effort to make a shoe less comfortable and hotter than a full size boot.

Miracle Design says:

this video made me want to subscribe thank you for your advise keep up the good work and excellent opinions.

TuMadreWasHere says:

Hey what do you think of the Timberland PRO Powertrain Alloy Toe ESD Work Shoes?

7h3 m057 4u71571c y0u7u83 Ch4n37 3v3r says:

my god if I had a shekel for every diy video that song in the intro has been in I’d still be in crippling debt

bottosrob says:

Hey boot guy. I work in a factory where the floor is concrete. I’m looking to replace my old boots. I kinda want a steel toe shoe made for concrete. Do you have any videos or recommendations? There’s no where good to go that really compares all the options out there.

chiefcookpotwasher says:

Reebok heckler is light weight but it is the worst shoe I ever bought. My feet ache wearing these shoes, I even went and got insoles and it still ache. When concrete is wet forget about it.  I fell and hit my head ambulance had to take me away from the work place. The first thing work place safety look at was the sole and thread of the shoes.

Tempesta says:

I have to stand 8 hours for 5 days a week, I even bought £15 scholl insoles but they don’t make a difference

Victhor Luftbrücke says:

Pffff, no Elten safety shoes in your top 5… weak list since it’s missing the best on the Planet.

sarbaze watan says:

where to buy that rebook shoes buddy

Shahan Atashian says:

I want to order a shoe for work .I work from 8 to 10 hours a day and it has a lot of walking. I have also a flat foot thats why I need somthing suitable so that I feel less pain with my foot and also it must be a safety shke with metal….whats your advice which one should i order because I want to order it online…

Peter Holland says:

This is my favorite Safety Shoe: The Redbrick Safety Sneaker Azure–redbrick-safety-sneakers-azure.html

Redbrick Safety Sneakers are designed as safety shoes but with the look and feel of a sneaker. I hardly feel like I’m wearing safety shoes.

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