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MinorMoneyGames says:

I just use a tooth brush and dish soap

Dylan Driscoll says:

Got this one in the mall and it was the best ever

Po_ chop says:

Sponsored by crep protect

Max Hudson says:

Reshoevn8r is amazing

Max Hudson says:

You do not know how to use re-shoe-vn-8r

Marco Perez says:

He should’ve cleaned the last shoe after Jason mark with only water and see how well warm water does.

Gabriel placencio says:

im about to buy that car wipe cleaner hopefully it wont mess up my shoes

Jack McCoy says:

Jason markk vs ajxx9

Æégéñt X says:

What is the best cleaner for yeezy cream white except jason mark and crep cure

Mclain Jipner says:

I’m using mint ultra protector

Dwayne Watson says:

What about scrubbing bubbles from SC johnson I’m curious

Dayson Mahaffey says:

I love shoes

χχ360иσsᏟᎾᏢ Ꭼ says:

1. Crep pertect
2. Crep pertect
3. Crep pertect
4. Crep pertect
5. Crep pertect.

GloBoiJay says:

What about EBKICKS

Faraaz Zaffino says:

Use reshoevn8r properly then give it a rating

Mateo R says:

I use the instant cleaner by sof sole on my retro 8s and it cleans em well

Nolan Barnes says:

You got to use all the brushes on reshoevn8ter

Basim Shahzad says:

I use the zote white laundry soap bar with a toothbrush

Evan Beck says:

I use the crep kit also there wipes and stain repellent , Ive used jason mark but it’s my back up if I don’t have any crep

Cadan Williams says:

@boi well it’s true, he’s just trying to put them down, it actually work if you try

Supreme_Gabriel says:

You didn’t even fully review the reshoeven8tor cleaner if you would have done it right it would have cleaned them so much better

Proud Duke says:

Jason Markk is the best I’ve used out of all of them. I’m a big fan of sperries as well so easy clean worked just as good

MisterAxeMan says:

No offense but it really sounds like you have no idea what you’re talking about. You did a very short comparison and only tested each product once on completely different shoes with different materials and amount of grit and wear.

King Aiden says:

Them shoemgk dudes in the middle of the mall trying to clean your shoes like boi get out

Ever Berumen says:

Shoe MGK is better & it is all Natural better than Crep & Jason Markk

Victor Duran says:

I hate this dude

gamer squad says:

I just use crep

Ryan GOAT says:

For my adidas tubular primeknit is the Jason mark brush too harsh on the cloth material? Someone pls respond thanks

Zyke Plays says:

The soft sole shoe cleaner is shit… I have white NMD r1’s and it still leaves the stain

Axel Cr7 says:

This guy’s English was so bad.

Rowen Monma says:

You didn’t use the reshoevn8r correctly

Max Jackson says:

this video gave me aids

Yung Taco says:

Try shoe mgk

Luke Natale says:

You’re supposed to use the hard bristle brush for the soles you damn idiot, also you needed to put WAY more reshoevn8r in that bowl.

Wolfie Queen says:

Use the other brushes udiot

Becky Bedene says:

Acctually Richie Le On they have bottles of just solution so you dont have to buy a whole kit again.

Lena Baniol says:


TuDiles says:

Soap n my sis’s toothbrush

Jan Ortiz says:

I use Jason mark

Hard White says:

Toothpaste and a toothbrush actually works good I’ve been in jails that let u keep your shoes and that’s what the punks used and it worked nice for only a couple bucks

Rich Holmes says:

I use laundry soap and a brush, I add bleach for white or creams. Also magic eraser work amazing for quick dry clean up before u head out on any white leather or smooth rubber. Wonder if these product would perform better or not might try em out but I’ve been happy with the result I’ve been getting

Chris Romero says:

The cap on SofSole Instant cleaner is to clean soles. Id recommend using a toothbrush.

Yung Taco says:

Try shoe mgk

omar Gaming says:

I used to use soap and water works pretty well but i got a sofsole shoe kit not the instant cleanet with the hard plastic brush but the kit comes with the solution it smells great comes with a shoe deoderizer also smells pretty good its brush and waterproofer which i havent tried yet i suggest you guys go cop some riche le should also cop that and do a reveiw on that

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