Fila 95 Grant Hill Retro Sneaker Review + On Feet W/ @DJDelz

Fila 95 Grant Hill Retro Sneaker Review + On Feet W/ @DJDelz


bazza1st says:

all i can say is if your in the us your lucky paying $40 for them
im in the uk and im paying the hipped ebay price $80 plus post $18 plus import charge that $22 thats a total like $120 🙁

BobbyFresh8 _ says:

Wonder why they didn’t put the “2A” system in the 95’s like they did in the 96? The OG version had it @THESNEAKERADDICT

Mell Uhuru says:

Ain’t nobody lookin at that Delz lololol Fresh shoe though !!!

David Murphy says:

Delz do you have any info on the glove’s yet? I’ve been waiting all year lol

sharodtaylor23 says:

Even in store release, the quality on these was horrible. I copped mine, and took them back he next day. I was pissed. DJ Delz, sell them joints. Fila killed these

AlmightyFredoBitch says:

Looks like a pair of shoes from Wal-Mart



Johnathan Derseraux says:

Missing F logo on the back like the retro 07 pair

Mike Buff says:

just picked these up for $30 i was juiced AF

Nigel Wong says:

I had these when I was 14, awesome shoe back in the day

Romain Anderson says:

classics!!!!!!!!!! the real jordan competition back than

prophecy505 says:

Young niggas down south do not appreciate classic sneakers other than jordan and nike no matter how good they look,  1 word. HYPE BEAST

FatGiganticPussy says:

If Anyone Walking With Them Sneakers In Public You’re Finish You Won’t Be Able To Go Outside

PhoenixOnTheBottons says:

Yeah, I had a pair of these in 95!, They had the same scuff on the outer right logo but weren’t as badly made. They still look sick though.

Kevin Ramirez says:

Looks like you bought them from Walmart, these shoes or wack

DemNawf says:

Bro that’s nothing bad compared to what happened to me. I got Lebron 11s with an extra lace hole in it and squeaky insole. I bought kyrie 1s and the grip (best feature) was chipped apart
They said I couldn’t return them even though I never wore them

BE TEETH says:

i just bought that shoe from mall  size 12 US

Jesus Maceda says:

what the FUCK are THOSE

Daniel Savage says:

I ain’t surprised by the bad quality. They were selling Fila at Walmart until a few months ago.

FatGiganticPussy says:

Lmao, If Them Shoes Had A Registered Jordan Logo Them Shit Would Of Sold Out I’ll Never Wear Fila!


que graciosas zapatillas (ridículas)

kingmaynia says:

They Look Kinda Like Air Jordan 9’s

Carlo Pichay says:

Looks like a AJ9 in my opinion.

HalGio Dude502 says:

Bro Fila are still dope, fuck what ppl say about em. FILA is sick.

CC25Y says:

It’s probably just this pair because I’ve seen lots of good quality Grant Hill’s. Just goes to show you how many places actually take care of their product. Very un-professional for them to mishandle such amazing shoes, you got screwed for sure.

Edgar Jurado says:

If you get the all black ones do a video

Kinte Carson says:

fila 4 life!

jahn rendor says:


kingmaynia says:

They Nice On They Own Thow

breakgangclay says:

My shoe came with no paper..not complaining tho..brought them from the website

iNguyenn says:

Just picked these up for $40 at my local Finish Line. They’re dope and mad comfortable. Sucks that you got some minor errors thought but hey. You win some you lose some. They’re still legit.

Clinton Walsh says:

I still wear FILA shoes.. very comfortable to wear.. also have nike air maxes and adiddas shoes..

AskJeeves17 says:


KhmerInDaHouse75 says:

Imagine if u step on this man shoe! He will go off on you!! Lol

Edgar Jurado says:

They dont look that bad delz dont worry bout the details they still look raw

Rahsaan thomas says:

Send them back theyre still in stock on or just go to the fila store and get a exchange

Nolan Flemmings says:

DJ DELZ man that’s dope how you reping other shoes cause some people Mann…

TheGmoolah86 says:

I need them in my life now!!!!

Carta87Blanca says:

There str8 wit sum jeans

Gerardo Martinez says:

chidos.los gran Grant hill puro retro

Ethan Bunch says:

I got a pair for 20 bucks at shoe carnival with nothing wrong with em

Jack Larsen says:

They kinda look like the Jordan 9

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