Fila Boots Poor Quality Buyer Beware! Honest Review

Fila Boots Review:

These boots are not made for walking! in fact they have seriously damaged my right foot. They are sold as walking boots, but clearly are not fit for purpose and made of inferior materials and poor design.
The sole of the shoe is of a flimsy honeycomb structure rather than being robust for walking.

After modest use, and getting feet wet, the sole structure collapsed during a seven miles walk a few days ago. These boots have severely damaged the joint on the ball of my right-foot, causing excruciating pain and swelling.

I am now having to use a walking stick to move around the home.

The left boot sole did not collapse during the walk, so the left foot was completely unaffected. Though did show early signs of failure.

The boot was cut from the sole to show how poor these boots really are.

I will never buy #FILA anything ever again !

Video showing inferior materials and poor design


Cheryl Winter says:

So nice to see u again i have been sleeping inclined for a yr now i have to say i don‘t think i can go back Im going on a holiday soon and im actually worried about how i will sleep IT would seriouly be better for me to stay in a hotel room that way i can incline my bed I will be staying with family and they r the worst to explain too lol also i got my lavendar growing IT won‘5 be this season for oil making but evenually I‘ll get there Just wanted to update u I enjoy your videos so much hope to see more of u in the near future Thank YOU and many blessings foru

ⓟⓛⓐⓢⓜⓐ ᕈᒪᗩᔕᙢᗩ John Doe says:

copy paste search “diy barefoot running sandals” for some better ideas..
blessings and blissings brother

steve harrell says:

I for one thank you for your review. Good job man.

Cheryl Winter says:

I was so happy to see uyou i commented before i watched Video sorry Andrew my bad Anyway your foot looks terribly in pain what kind of stupid shoes r those ( i know i seen the brand) but How in the heck do they get away with selling then like that Its good to know about these things thats for sure im due for a new pair of runners for when i go on my holiday my nieces and me r going hicking and it will diffently not be in that brand of shoes once again great video soak your feet in the lavendar oil mix That FILA better reinbrace you a little more than u paid for all your pain n suffering YOur feet look very sore good luck and get well THIS MAKES ME FEEL ANGERY we work so hard and than get ripped off all in the name of good faith (certainly can not rip them apart at the store brfore we buy omg

wc02 says:

Theres nothing new under the sun. Italians are known to skimp out on quality sometimes. Look at their cars to this day. Alfa Romeo and Fiat garbage in the 80s. same thing 2016.

Andrew K Fletcher says:

Managed to walk with supermarket trolley supporting weight, toes now moving and swelling dissipating.

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