Fila Ray Tracer Sneaker Review

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In this sneaker review video I get to review the return of the Fila Brand with their new shoes, the Ray Tracer. This new dad chunky hype retro sneaker did a come back from the 90’s to 2018/2019. Check the full video for the full review. Thanks for watching.

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Mr. K3mBoniYT says:

I really like your setup in the background btw

Supreme Boy says:


Branded Warrior says:

Fila facing a big outage currently.

clothingreviews jeansmachine says:

I got half size bigger than what I normally get

Mr. 101 says:

I’m wearing this when I hit age 40.

Rudy Figueroa says:

Why are dad sneakers trending? Why is it cool to wear these when back then little kids used to get bullied for wearing these, why is it dope now? This world is so fucking weird in the way it runs….

Rob Gordillo says:

Bro these r huge on ur feet look how much space is behind ur heel jeez

Justforthe Kickz says:


Zay The Banana says:

what do you think about the fila boveasorus 99?

drinking bleach lowers death rate says:

I saw someone wearing these and mistakes them for yeezy 700 waverunner

clothingreviews jeansmachine says:

This is a dope ass shoe and I like them I may pick them up myself

Tania’s Kitchen says:

Need to buy these!! In white and black

AUMloveAMI says:

These are women’s shoes, aren’t it ?

clothingreviews jeansmachine says:

Where you buy these at

XoClutchdaddyoX says:

im a 8.5 in mens…should i get my regular size or go a size up or down?

Gaming Life says:

Im i considered a dad Im twelve wearing these but if y’all don’t buy these y’all snooze

Nhyree Ferrell says:

I got these for Christmas

switcheezy says:

Fila happy as hell dad sneakers are trending

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