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Touhid Raja Choudhury says:


OjRod28 says:

Good review ! Got my skeletoes for $30 bucks too 😉


me too

kacnixca34 says:

I just bought a pair of these skeletoes yesterday for $30 at dicks. Overall i am VERY happy with them. Since the are not very expensive it works as a cheaper alternative to the vibram ones. However if price is no barrier it might be better to go for vibrams:)

ryan473 says:

you don’t have to. but if you want to they have socks for them.

Jack Howitzer says:

I bought a pair of Skele-Toes for $30.00

Jordan Monahan says:

Ive have skeletoes and vibrams in my opinion vibram fivefingers are worth so much more and are way better than skeletoes! And if you think they vibrams are to expensive seriously shop sales you wont be sorry following these tips

Mrr3V0Lution says:

Just buy a half size smaller than you normally wear and you should be all set.

Hunter Williamson says:

any body now if skeletoes can get stockers

xKnight13x says:

why doesn’t this video load…?

Walter Rueda says:

hola amigo tu podrias hacer envios a colombia esoy viendo tu pagina y me gustaron unos vibram

mr memer says:

THe Ines I Want Re Water Proof, and there the blue ones.

rideforever300 says:

My skele toes were birthday shoes. I’ve had them a year and five months of hard wear. I wear them everywhere and ran two five Ks in them. I have not tried five fingers, but I would suppose that skele toes soles would last longer because they’re thicker. My feet were good in 40 degree weather soaking wet with socks. My one complaint (and this may be true with five fingers), is that the fabric in between the toes is thinner and has worn out and gotten poked through with sticks and stuff.

TheRosa63 says:

i just got my fila skeletoes, and they are comfortable, been wearing them all day, by the way I invested in toe socks so these are really warm and comfy. they have good traction on everyting I have walked on so far including pavement. I bought mine a half size to big so I could wear socks. good traction on my running boards on my truck and on gravel, pavement, grass etc. iI got them to allow me to walk more naturally while still protecting me from rocks, sticks, acorns, tree roots on trails.

ASL_Inside says:

they are quite good for freerunning. its bet to learn barefoot but with the skeletoes, they really help.

tkrahl13 says:

why don’t you show the regular version instead of just the coastal type of fila skele-toes

blacksamurai20 says:

A problem i had with the Fila Skele-Toes is that in between the toes started to rip and my toe came out on both shoes after about two months of use. I would only use them for weight lifting. I wont be buying another pair of these.

Rex Sayson says:

I found a new running shoe, it is this Fila Skele Toes Lite Barefoot Shoe! I love the way that my feet fits perfectly in the four toe formed front and there is the instep support.
here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to16yujxy

Peg Seay says:

I’ve worn out spots between Vibram toes too. I haven’t tried Skeletoes yet.

Juulia Veera says:

I really wanna buy skeletoes because I cant use five-finger shoes. My little toe is too small for all of them… But they dont sell skeletoes here and I if I buy them from ebay etc. I don’t know how well would they fit…. lol

Godspeed Beauty says:

thanks for the review!!!

Paolapotter says:

do they smell

Shayna Pulley says:

I’m a two-times Five Fingers girl that just bought a pair of Skeletoes because they were on clearance at Dick’s for $12. I will have to say that I shall remain loyal to Vibrams because the Skeletoes 1.0 are not as comfortable and definitely not very flexible. But one thing they do have over Five Fingers is the arch support. I will be keeping my Skeletoes as romping shoes and they seem suitable for surfing (I refuse to mess up my beautiful Speeds in salt water and mud). The thought of these

Christian A says:

the originals (shown here) ive tried on and it is abrasive and the botom is hard plastic. Get the 2.0s there are so comfy the top feels good. And bottom is foam and rubber.

Daily Dump News says:

my skeletoes fit well and comfort was satisfying. waiting on new vibrams to be delivered. foot glove love yo

Zac Skermont says:

$20 bucks! Gotta love Ross.

Daniel S says:

Haha you sound howard wilowatlz

NakedTanPanda says:

You kinda look like the dean from community. Just look like though.

Devin Daniell says:

I got my Skele-Toes for 30 at Kohl’s! 😛

Exposed Exponent says:

i just got a pair of fila skele toes they r sooooo coool

Mike Datsyuk says:

where do you work

Enter name here says:

I am not going to buy the vibrams because my mom hates buying stuff on the computer…:(
So tomorrow i should be getting my skeletoes!!:) hopefully there really good for what i like to do.
I like to run/jog, longboard, and boating….someone with skeletoes, write back if you can to tell if their good.
Thanks 🙂

g29er says:

The Vibrams are much higher quality.

Daily Dump News says:

um …uhhh..umm…uhhhhh

Ronnie Vanna says:

great review, thank you.

Jonathan Raupp says:

envy you
from brazil

teakey says:

thats the worst sounding shoe I’ve ever heard of

hrigsby says:

what happens if u get them wet,cuz i run on a really steep hill near my house year round and when it snows up there i almost have to take a blow dryer to an old pair of leather shoes that i run in when i come off of that hill.

Cha Flo says:

they look very cheaply made.

xknlion66 says:

I love my skeletoes very comfortable I got them from shoe carnival for $60.

Alexabay says:

I got my pink n black skeletones but they had two diferent black n pink ones the ones that i got have a belt on the back and on the front n are more expensive n the cheapest ones had a big F on the side and just some type of laces on the front, id love to know what is the diference tho

hallmonitor98 says:

the rubber for my big toe on my kso doesnt cover the inside of my big toe. and the big toe sleeve seems to slide to the outside so much that just fabric is protecting the inside of my big toe from the ground. anyone else have that problem?

Evan Schendel says:

skeletoes are awful. im glad vibrams is suing their asses

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