Fila Skeletoes 2.0 Video Review

This is the video review of the Fila Skeletoes 2.0 for the full written review check out:


KpopNiDontStop says:

my toe ripped through that fabric in around 3 months idk if I wanna ever buy skeletoes again.

Herbert Collins says:

Skeletoes vid on my page “Metal Session”

mskiUSMC says:

And they said Al Bundy was an idiot!

HJW Pumps says:

aw you got a paper cut.

jamaal bogan says:

i love my new 2.0s they are really awesome vibrams suck. i run and walk in my skeletoes2.0 all the time u vibram nut. also i love the more cushion it gives me the workout without caleses.

Karolina says:

Fuck off Fila

onli1luv says:

Can you use these for jogging/running?

BeeLikeSting says:


Cody Royer says:

I just bought a pair of skele-toes, where did you find toe socks like that? haha

Tyler Berry says:

Your audio sounds like shit. Makes my sick. These shoes should not even be reviewed. They r a peice

rezyc says:

no shoe is worth over or around £100 five fingers can like a dick you can can get new balance minimus for £40, not toes but better to train in

Wayne Clark says:

They are talking about all the things that are not important… it is all about the soul that is the whole point… there is always someone trying to capitalise on something original these shoes don’t even have five fingers… hello….If you want to go minimal then VIBRAM is the best way to go… or completely bare foot.. but make sure you are ready before you start running if you are going to run… There are many shops selling VIBRAM really cheap in fact..

Franz C says:

i would like to buy this for my day to day shoe., will you recommend this for tile floors in the hospital?

Sean Woods says:

these things lasted 2 weeks before soles started coming off.

King Oblivion says:

@firstdaddy Not sure about everywhere else but in Australia the skeletoe

imNotanExampleRdotDo says:

for those who are asking about the five toe socks, go to ebay and search. they have unisex socks and socks for a sex. unisex have little pockets for those guys with big and long toes. just buy the ones that doesn’t say that if you, again, have big toes. also search for sizing on google, you’ll neede it since they have them in mm and cm form.

LimeGreenNewb says:

I like both. I have flat fee and stubby toes and I had a hard time getting a good fit with my Vibrams. I went with a lace-up. I like my Vibrams and I switch out the shoes. For yoga, in the pool and around the gym definitely Vibram. For every day shoes Fila works. And I’d rather wear out my Filas which I got on sale for $30 bucks before I wear out my $110 Vibrams. Call me frugal.

Andrew Stiles says:

lawls, fila is being sued by Vibram, these things are total rip offs and going cheap is not really worth it IMO, having owned both these and 5fingers

Michael B says:

I would think that you would have to get it custom made

Jouhotehmonk says:

Thanks for the reviewing, :).

Tom Bonner says:

So is this show good for running? I’m used to doing an hour a day on the track, and was thinking about switching to the fila skeletoe because I’ve heard that barefoot running is better for your legs.

cjdunn13 says:

you cant really compare the vibram’s you have and skeletoes, because skeletoes are ment for every type of terrain so the more tugged vibrams would be a more fair comparison

tornmask says:

these Fila Skele-Toes are sturdy, tuff & comfy. cuz in my case i needed the toughness under my feet & the comfortability on top of my feet! now i need to find five toe sock, cheers!

King Oblivion says:

@yodh Is a good $70 cheaper than vibrams. If as an entry level toe shoe they are pretty good value imo

firstdaddy says:

The 2.0 is just as bad as the original Skeletoe, but in slightly different ways. Why screw around with a cheap knock off? Just buy the real deal – buy Vibram

Alex River says:

Sean Woods what you said I totally agree with you because before I got vibrams I had skele toes and I had to glue the toe to the sole because it started ripping after not very long!

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