Rappers Weigh In On The Retro FILA 96

http://www.sneakerwatch.com – Rappers Papoose, Freekey Zekey and Rocko weigh in on FILA’s retro 96 sneaker.

Interviews by Damian Rodriguez


Murda2Wayz says:

Them shits bring back memories

VW DT says:

At 1:50 Freaky’s action and explanation says it all. “That Sniff” get’s me everytime.

Quentinn says:

Check out my music

StoopidFlexin says:

That shit is ugly af, have your own style. These rappers aint nobody.

Sneakking Collector says:

Grant Hill

Kiy Sezz Blaah says:

those was one of the hottest sneaks at the time when they dropped…in my hood, them shits was runnin neck n neck w. the o.g. concord 11’s..damn, I missed those days

micheal Knight says:

those filas were huge in 96 especially after Pac had them on in the all eyes on me album booklet

MackAvenueVeteran says:

lol @ the ad talking about servin up a bad batch too much bakin on it. Boy how times have changed

Melo Street VybzTV says:


MrAhuraMazda187 says:

Hype? Are you kidding me? These are HISTORY. Not hype. Hype is the latest 3lab5 or the “What the…”, Doernbechers, Tiffany Dunks, Champagne 6s, Supreme Foams, Oregon 3s, 5s, Yeezys, etc. None of that shit has history. In 1995, more people in my school owned these than the Concord 11. Don’t know if they really fit today’s style (people wore really baggy jeans back then). But these are classics. And I remember these being comfortable as hell. One of my favorite of all time, this shoe IS the 90s. These, Reebok Pumps, the Diamond Turf Deions, The Air Uptempo with AIR written on the side, the Reebok Kamikaze Shawn Kemps, The Air Tech 2 Agassis, and the Jordan 11 and 12. That’s the 90s

cannanboy1 says:

Man i’m blessed to have siblings from 80’s I got all there old stuff from toys to sneakers growing up ,and I don’t regret it one bit.

BREADZ65 says:

Them shit are trash, ugliest sneakers of the year

Fat Gleesh says:

Got a baby pic in these,. Been waiting for a re-release.

WVG103 says:

These were hot back in ’96, and they’re still hot now.

Jthrillz728 says:

Some ugly joints right there, I’m 22 I remember them, the GH1 look way better .

Khalil Wise says:

FILA are played you can find them in Payless

Roy Cayanan says:

tupac have the same shoes i saw on a pic

gemstarcrunch says:

these shits is mad goofy b, the only fila gear i liked were the bubble jackets and shirts

DiverseLA says:

Dudes clowning on Fila are worried about the brand name. Sheep who would buy these same shoes in a minute if it had a Swoosh or Jumpman logo on the side instead of the Fila logo. These are a classic shoe from 1996.

GoodsWeLuv2017 says:

I tha “D” its gotta be Fila

Brian Flores says:

Not my style but the OG fuck with them.

Deoindra Harrell says:

That cat is right, kids of my generation don’t know shit bout fashion and shoes man!
Just bought these today in blue and white and all I can say is these shoes are classics!
Fila and Reebok will always live forever man same wit fubu!

K Smitty says:

My potna rocks these pair till this day.Are these the Grant Hills

webstar12712 says:

More comfortable than Jordans!!!

Carter Denesse says:

wtf these bitches talkin bout

Gregory Hills says:

I’m sorry but papoose is the worst dress nigga I ever seen .

Johnny BANG Reilly says:

sorry but the american
brothers are corny when it comes to dressing, all hype and no style

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