Running shoes – FILA vs NIKE?

Is it worth paying twice as much for brand name running shoes?

Please post your thoughts I’d like to find out if brand name shoes are really any better than the less advertised brands.



Qwanflow says:

umm fila is a brand name….so you brought brand name shoes again anyway.

TryHardProductions ™ says:

If you are at all serious about running DO NOT run in Filas. They are not at all known for their running shoes. Most reputable running shoes specialsts will not even carry Filas. If you truly want a shoe strictly for running, try brands like Nike, Saucony, Asics or Brooks. If you want a mostly casula shoe that you will occasionally run in, the Filas are fine. Your best bet is to go to a specialty running store near you and they will carry brands and models that are made for running.

John Donald says:

I would recommend buying the Fila Men’s Quadrix Running Shoe. You can find them for just $25 (50% off of $50) on eBay: (link is formatted differently due to YouTube’s restriction on links in the comments).

maki tech pro says:

what the fuck are those

Nex gen Racing says:


Amit Marcovich says:

did you find the filla shoes good for long distance running ?

MetalMilitiaGda says:

to oczywiste, że Asics !

pazea8 says:

+hk3485 Brand name shoes are usually good. Asics, Nike & Puma are 3 brands I trust without even a 2nd thought. Never get Reebok or Addidas.
If you’re looking for just running” shoes, go for ASICS, they’re comfy, easy to put on , Light weight & they have gel. If you want, good looking, durable, tough shoes like for playing soccer or dodgeball, go for Nike.

Nick prosser says:

Never heard Fila pronounced like Filer before. We say Feeler in Europe. Anyway, cool review, cheers

alton vines says:

I have worn both and the difference is price. You like the fila which is a great shoe for that price. Word of knowledge, put at least 3 pair of shoes in rotation that will help and you have a variety over a course of time. God Bless you! 🙂

frank new says:

At age 62 my running days are mostly over, but I usually take a four or five mile walk almost everyday. I have a pair of Nikes and a pair of Filas that are over a year old and I can’t much difference between the two except the Nikes were over $100.00 and the Filas were $19.99 at Costco.

Krazy Atlantis says:
mjwal00 says:

I am very curious so I will be trying out some cheaper shoes for running to compare to my Nikes.

Blake Galaviz says:

The best running shoes are brooks

GrampaGamers says:

Filas r great

lino garrido says:

nikes are better but super expensive but the materials are much more comfertable and the air bubble in some airmaxes last way longer than the fila “memory foam”

Darkkos 11 says:

Every time I have Fila, the brake really quickly. Once my friends sole on his Fila started braking on the first day he got them.

Krishna Sharda says:

fila’s shoes are not durable at’ll find yourself looking for another pair 6 months later.

RangerClose911 says:

What. Are. Those.

Embargoman says:

Try Skechers!

peyton ramos says:

I purchased some Filas and I actually like the feel but I have some nike running shoes too that are nike frees and cost double the price of my Filas and like the comfort of my Filas better So usaly your paying for the name.

Sandra Day says:

Nike are crap I purchased a $75 pair and they lasted a little over a month before the toes busted out.. garbage

Luis Gerardo Canales says:

Can i wear this shoes witout socks?

Firmino11i says:

Filas look really ugly in my opinion

Tony Tsui says:

I’d say that Fila is just as good, if not better than Nike. Dont let their high prices fool you into thinking they are nicer/fancier. Their shoes are made in sweatshops. If you do a little bit of research, you will find out that it only takes around $20 to make a pair of Nike shoes. Then they sell it for over a $100.

Jason P says:

I bought a pair of Fila Men’s memory deluxe 4’s ( and they were shocking. The heal of the shoe is solid so they rub my heal and Achilles which formed blisters on me.  Not a WIN for me 🙁

maki tech pro says:

I know they are fila creps haahahahahahahahaahahahaa

Nex gen Racing says:

fuck me

Krazy Atlantis says:

Nikes are bae there life but sir u choosed the worst Nikes there is

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