The Sold Out $65 Sleeper: Fila Disruptor 2 Review & On Feet

Today I’m reviewing the Fila Disruptor 2, a $65 sneaker that is sold out almost everywhere! The Fila Disruptor II is an underground hit that has blown up across social media because of its high fashion looks for a budget price. The Fila Disruptor 2 comes in many colors like red, yellow, white etc. Check out the review to learn more!

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Darragh McL says:

The whomper stompers in Europe

Jabdiel Peep says:

So ugly, idk why everybody got them

Evan Gibson says:

Idc how hype this shoe get or how many hype beast kids wear these….. they ugly as hell

Alexander Birler says:

Every bitchie girl In Denmark be wearing these

Diego Moreno says:

What do you think about Spiderman’s Jordan 1???

Phantom Warrior says:

65 is not budget unless you are working full time at $50k annual. For me, 65 is the budget for 2 shoes.

smoothe an mellow says:

You might not ever see this. But where did you get your jeans?

lolo babes says:

Its a cop for me, if it were a nike or adidas most people would buy it too. ahihihi

thehermanli says:

the shark fin soles reminds me of rick owens.

Vitor Moreira says:

Fake brow

Romain Anderson says:

Better in black for men

Roy Kim says:

I wonder when the Reebok classics will make a comeback

Elisah Steer says:

Are the shoes going to restock

Zack Mullikin says:

These are really terrible, but hey, man—wear what you dig, right?

CriticalThinker05 says:

In malaysia, it only be worn by kids that loves to do illegal racing or what we called as “rempit culture”

Hi Suck a pee per says:

So this is what sluts wear

Buski says:

Why do people not like this shoe?

Shree Dove says:


NACK ATK says:

I love them I got them the first time I saw them at journeys in mall

colby Phillips says:

Fuck no shit ugly as fuck, my mom wore those with jordash jeans in the early 90’s

I Watch Organic says:

I was sleeping on these hard…. Until today had to cop two pairs

Wilson M says:

Womper stomper

Moose Juice says:

This really ain’t it Seth

Fat Nig says:

Looks so retarded

Brandi Benavides says:

Are these pretty comfortable?

Kulzlzupt says:

Bought these for $20 at finish line today. Should i get my money back?

Liberal Heel AKA YWC Trigger God says:

All I can hear is Mike rich saying “clomp CLOMP”

The Real MVP says:

Yep can confirm my sister has a pair. They look like construction shoes

Mark Baz says:

Bruh….takes those back ASAP!

Also, how is a “SLEEPER” if it’s SOLD OUT!!!

Carl Rios says:

just awful. in my country these are wear by the whores on tv and ig

Completely Inadequate says:

only middle school chongas wear them around here

Jeff W says:

If you wear these, you’re basic.

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