So I’ve def made some mistakes in the past……and tbh I keep making mistakes lmfaooo….but we’ve All Made Some Purchases And Just Thought Why TF Did I Buy This? Here’s My Top 10 List, What’s Something You Regret Buying? Comment It Down Below!

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Closdmon1400 says:

Dude smelled the LV

Kobru Heshelviee says:

yup regret my interest in arenas

Haight the Great says:

That self portrait in the back is everything

asapfargo says:

Why do people buy shoes that they don’t even like from the beginning just bc they expensive. Stupid

niGGa biGGa says:

Why can’t you just sell ’em

stephan gillis says:

Give the shoes to charity

Sammy barber says:

That’s a picture of him in the back?

king - says:

those LVs r clean doe

Vixen says:

Where you get the ice though?

junior davis says:

those red balenciaga are dope

AJ2018 says:

The Pat Ewings still go hard!

999 ROUNDS says:

Sometimes i feel like people buy gucci just because rich people wear them and not because they are cool. To me most gucci or Lv shoes look like shit and i wouldnt wear them.

Stay Khozy NYC NYC says:

Lmaoooo this video has me dying bruh I’m sorry I’m sure you got fly kicks but them python joints is UGLY lmfaoo

Simeon Anderson says:

Horrible taste in shoes them chrome shits was awful

50levenhunnit says:

Sooo 2015 cracked balenciagas, yes or no? Seems like a lot of balenciagas made your list, so is it just always a NO on white balenciagas or just the ones you have?

COSMIC says:

u kinda look like metro boomin

AJ2018 says:

You will also regret buying the Balenciaga trainers lol

Gary Ko says:

Those gum bottom python shits are fire bruh. Send them shits my way……

dhene djeowoed says:

how much you want for the louie shoes

Brian McCarthy says:

You look like king Los

Ramiro Duran says:

2:25 They look like bowling shoes

Illest Visionz says:

So you just all fucked up

Cash OverClout says:

Seems like u bought a bunch of shit u didnt really even like. Stop being a slave to these brands

yours truly, John says:

All that money gone to waste.

Jermaine Verheagh says:

U weird Nigga all them shoessss are hard

King J says:

Too much light bro

shadowwalker chellios says:

What’s with the pinky attitude?

User213 says:

4:40 Shoe, I tought he would talk about the pink, starts talking about the sole

Trap 2x says:

Is he gay ?

Clofic C says:

The only ugly ass thing I see on here, is your sad attempt to grow facial hair. Also, who buys expensive shoes without even trying them on?!

Gary Ko says:

I hate toe print showers too bro. I gotta a couple and I’m self conscious about them so I don’t wear. Also I bought like 4 different Ewing’s when I started my collection and my style slowly evolved and I found them too clunky now I can’t even give them away. Lol….

Bryan G says:

you selling the arenas? Lmk

Dan Sharp says:

Background music

Gas DaGoAt says:

Balenciaga giveaway???

Dan-NaMal Gambler says:

Welcome 2 **Sox •N• Soles** Shop Now. Enjoy better discounts on us!!

JayKwizz says:

Your whole swag mad corny

Onnyyxx says:

Instead of going from 1 to 10 you went from 10 to 1… that bothers me…

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