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rivercreep says:

I know I’ll get flamed for saying this but…
As an all weather Pa. rider that wears glasses (can’t wear contacts) I’ve found non of the helmets that have a face shield, avoid fogging issues as well as a good MX style helmet with a breath box and fleece balaclava.
When you ride in the snow and slush with 100% humidity, the weakness of these designs becomes apparent.
I’ll mention I have no problems keeping warm either, which is another myth I see perpetuated for MX style helmets.
These helmets might work well enough for a Starbucks/ADV image rider but, I’ve found  real world use as a commuter to bring out their design flaws. (again, if you wear glasses)

Elias Piano Music says:

Do you ship for free to germany? Would be great!

Jayz Xiang says:

Hello guys,just wondering is Dual-Sport Helmet is as Protecful as Full Face Helmet? Just Curios ! Cheers!

B K says:

What helmet would you recommend for riding year round. Cold and hot under $200

squirtmph says:

love when somebody post video clips does hes home work + add great feature, thank you for a full video clip review

Abhyuday Tharman says:

Hey, I’m buying a triumph street triple,can you suggest me a good helmet which goes well with the bike and i wear pretty big glasses. So i want the helmet  to look good and be comfortable when i wear it with my glasses.

A Hughes says:

I’ respectfully suggest you drop the muzak. It simply makes it more difficult to hear what the presenter is saying. It serves no purpose other than to simulate aural distortion.

The Lone Rider says:

What one would be the quietist for highway riding and or highway speed

crusher4830 says:

you do a great job, man!

M Gomes says:

Agv win esthetic

TwinTurboModified says:

Great review, thanks for including the shape of the fit!
Most of the time that’s all I need to know.

gussemanersej says:

Hi. A big issue for me and a lot of other riders, is how big the shell looks, so a comparison between shell sizes would be really really relevant. Thanks

Twitch C says:

great job Louie, thanks

Jeenius IAMa says:

great video! and the very best that these kind of helmets offer, something you completely forgot to mention, is that you can look like “master chief” from “halo” with them 😉
greetings from germany

Monsieur Saint says:

This is a very informative video. I really like the general comparison of the enduro sport helmets. I wear a Bell RS-1 2XL, the fit is perfect. Bell sizing chart is the same as all these brands mentioned in the video… So the sizing chart means absolutely nothing to me… My questions is, which enduro helmet would have the same fitting as a 2XL Bell RS-1?

WanderAbroad says:

Man I want duel sport but I’m still doubtful about getting one. I live in the tropics – there’s that obvious glare, the changing for the roads from good roads to completely awful… or no road at all. So one trip easily can have you at 70mph/120kph on fast roads and of course slow on bad roads. The bill on the front I would love to have, but I’ve never worn one and wonder if the windy tropics and higher speeds would turn my head into a sail? anybody with advice? should I just stick to full road lid and save my neck and grit my teeth in the bad, or is the bill not bad?

1975acidburn says:

How are these helmets when attaching bluetooth devices such as scale rider. Or can you suggest one that would work with these types of helmets

1MileAtaTime says:

Can you tell me which one of these helmets is the quietest?

Tank Snake says:

Just bought the fly trekker helmet with silver shield…amazzinnng for humid weather for me being stationed in japan!!

youssef challita says:

What are your thoughts on the Airoh S5 helmet? it’s a dual sport helmet.

Elvis Paquette says:

wich one should i choose if i whant to use it for winter too ?

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