Adidas ACE 17.1 Primeknit (Grey Camo Pack) – One Take Review + On Feet

adidas ACE 17.1 Primeknit Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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Tyler Kormoczy says:

Can you do a play test of the Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit?

LaotianSneaker says:

Do a 17.1 vs 17.2

Robbie McCourt says:

if you had to choose between the vapor 10’s and the superfly 5’s which would you go with?

TheBananaNinja72 says:

Hey Josh, what color laces would you recommend for the Mercurial Superfly V Spark Brilliance set?

Jason Williams says:

Hi how is this boot with ball grip I like the old predictor lz grip on the ball does this boot have the same type of ball grip thanks

JaniQ2w says:

I loved the new style of this video, how you filmed it and the camera angles. Something new and it worked! 🙂

Dominik Štepanovic says:

Hello Josh, I had bought a brand new Adidas Copa Mundial, I know that this is quite stupid question,but, Will I have a hard time trying to kick knuckleball in these? Because it´s a boot from over 30 years ago, and in tha age it was all about curling.

TacGames3 says:

how do these compare in sizing to the pureagility?

assadataa2 says:

Hi Josh, any thoughts on Tango X 16.1 TF or Cage X 16.1 TF?

Sebastiao de Carvalho says:

hey josh, does this colourway feature NSG?

Brandon Ortiz says:

I love the blue blast colorway on the 17.1 primeknit

kaustubh kaushik says:

would you choose these or the X 16.1

Adam Ali says:

Do you prefer these or the x16.1

Tingi Master says:

In general, do you prefer turf or IC shoes

Funkycrab 777 says:

i have the lacless one’s

K10 says:

Can you review the Nike Mercurial Victory vi DF

Gal Bezek says:

I was about to buy the vapor when I saw the review on the clutch fit 3.0 and made me rethink my decision josh since you can try both of these boots what would you recommend

GBC gaming says:

I have just got a pair of predator LZ 2, they are my brothers who had been using them for about 6 months , would the striking / grip elements have less grip or will they still have the same feel as brand new ones?

Ethan Plays says:

That was so smooth getting it to zoom in

Haad Ali says:

Does it hurt on wide foot

Max Reed says:

Josh I was wondering if you know or could test if these get stained (black marks) by artificial grass. I know they’re meant for grass but I love the colorway but play on 3G

Necdet Kaskarli says:

Do they feel the same as Primeknit 16.1?

Kenneth Lockhart says:

How do these feel compared to previous model, Ace 16.1Primeknit?

TheDankTwat says:

Hey, i play on a ground that resembles a mud tennis pitch what type of boots should i use firm or turf?

Gibbo 6354 says:

Hey josh what would you recommend I do, I can only realistically afford one pair of boots, however I play both rugby on sg and football on ft/as, would you recommend me getting one of the adidas sg models which come with spare conical plastic studs, or get 2 cheaper boots one fg(with long studs so could be used on sg) and a pair of ag

Pro Infinity says:

can you do a review on the Adidas tango x indoor

asri arshad says:

josh, please continue doing an indoor shoes review. please don’t abandon the indoor soccer players like us.

basil saleh says:

Is the ace 17.1 better than the 16 primeknit

Noah lao says:

Just got these 5 minutes before this was uploaded. Thanks josh!!

dj dylzz says:

your the best josh

Fresh Pics says:

Would you recommend this shoe?

Paul Shelton says:

Dear Josh, I am on the hunt for some new boots. There are certain things I really like in football boots and I was wondering if there are any that combine all of them. I prefer a soft leather upper, but really like the way flyknit wraps your foot. Soleplate wise my favorite is the Superfly 4. However, my foot fits best in a Hypervenom. Any suggestions?

Theguycalled Brandon says:

Hey Josh, I need your help,I have a Ace17.1 and my usual size is 43.5 but I bought 44.5 in size BECAUSE I want to the shoe more lasting,but the boot is too big 4 me,what should I do?

Gamer of Gods ITC says:

hey Josh can you do a review on the magista obra 2 on Is .? it good for midfielders ?

Carlos Martin says:

I loled when you said “caveman stuff, crazy”

Haad Ali says:

Can 17.1 be used on ag

Super Saiyan says:

A video suggestion:

If you could only buy from and wear one football brand for the rest of your life, what brand would it be? And of course, explaining why.

My guess would be Nike, but quite a long shot, followed by Adidas then Puma, NB then AU.

Luis Orozco says:

Do they run true to size ?

Heathcliff says:

What’s the difference of each color way? I think the red limit pack has something different but all the others are the same if I’m not mistaken.

Chan Tith says:

could we replace the 17.1 insole with the purecontrol boost insole?

Sebastiao de Carvalho says:

josh do you prefer the ace primeknit 17.1 or the f50 adizero?

Take Hirooka says:

is the x 16.1 worth its money?

Eduardo Camacho says:

ey josh are they comfortable? in your opinion

Omar AlKashef says:

Hey Josh do you prefer the superfly Vs or the primeknit 17.1?

Zidny Zidan says:

i know you prefer the ace 17.1 because the laces. but which do you prefer x 16+ or 16.1?

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