Adidas Messi 16.1 (Turbocharge Pack) – One Take Review + On Feet

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Kamal Khan says:

Josh do you plan on doing freekicks with this boot?

Gian Alvarez says:

Will you ever do a play test on the Messi line?

Mr Awsomeness says:

congrats Josh for 400k subs. Luv ur content . #roadtomillionsubbs

JoshuaTheBatt says:

In your opinion – (Quality wise) these or Nike Mercurial Veloce 3?

Orlando Hernandez says:


Sean McHale says:

What is the most similar adidas boot to the Nike mercurial vapor?

MUHAMMAD Khan says:

Messi 16.3 Vs hypervenom phelon 3 ?

Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας says:

Very nice colorway for this boot!!
please do a play test for these

0707 says:

Congrats Josh on 400k.

Fernando Hércules says:

Congrats on 400k Josh!

Daniel Gonzalez says:

could this play un turf

Dačo says:

Anyone noticed that in the middle stud there is Messi logo?

LT Sizzles says:

Tbh the gold on the messi 16.1 looks like a brass and gold with a hint of copper mixed in one

Henry D says:

Messi will definitly love these more ten his previous boots(he didnt like the laceless version)

ichitaka05 says:

Thanks for the review! I wanted to hear the feedback on how gold looks, so this review was helpful. Now, I’m tempted to replace my blue Messi 16.1 w this gold one.
I didn’t like Messi 15.1 fit my feet, but 16.1 w burrito tongue works perfectly on my feet.

Jack Edmunds says:

Do you think Messi is going to get a Messi 17 line? Personally I reckon he will but fingers cross he does!

shariq khalid says:

Hey Josh, which ball would you recommend? The ucl omb, the nike ordem for the same price. Or select brillant super for 25$ less. Thanks

Vedant More says:

Hey Josh! Can you do a video on “How to fit a big cleats perfectly ” ?
Please Josh!

Shubh Pinjani says:

Hey Josh. Do most of the professional footballers wear a new pair of their shoe before every match? Or their boots are cleaned and they wear the same boot for a number of matches ?

Hongyi Chen says:

I don’t think the upper is super thin, it is definitely thicker than vapor 11 so it doesn’t really provide a barefoot feel. However it is ridiculously soft. The inside material is very comfortable, the outside material is fair sticky similar to hypervenom 1. The drawback for me is that the tongue is too low for me, so it presses my foot which is uncomfortable. And the lockdown at heel area is not so great. If the lockdown at heel and the tongue are like vapor 11 then I will wear them for like 10 years. Also, Great video Josh!

GameplayFy says:

Hey Josh I hope you are having a great day! I wanted to ask you somethiing. I have the tiempo rio 3. As you know, it is made of synthetic leather. So should I still apply leather cream to them to take care of them?

Polar says:

They are too expensive for this quality…Its weird because who would buy these instead of purechaos or hypervenom

idont evenknow says:

I like the variation with orange with white/black leopard print better

Road2SOCCERCollegeScholarship says:

Josh. congrats on 400k

Dimitris Ginis says:

My opinion on this boot is that the gold color is amazing but once you hit the green on the spuds it just doesn’t look right.

HeyyitsRumi says:

Early squad

MUHAMMAD Khan says:

Josh im begging you please do top 5 take down models please please please it would help me in many ways

saulbntz88 says:

which ones do you think these or the nike legends?

Andrew Vaughan says:

are you getting the new gold totti tiempos? they look incredible

Frank Gómez says:

Out of the pure chaos and the pure agility which one has a thinner upper?

DouglasCosta11i says:

Has messi scored more goals than ronaldo?

Chan Chan says:

Kinda weird saying this,the shape of this boot looks like the solar gold Messi F50 adizero or any of the 2014 F50 adizeros if anyone actually remembers.

Jlsh48 says:

Can you do an ACE 17.1 Primeknit turbocharge review?

Hisham Rizwan says:

hypervenom df or messi 16

Brandon Lopez says:

Can you review shoes like the Concave Halo+ Leather version? You have great content here, I’d like to hear your thoughts on them. Thanks!

uzumaki kiluwa says:

tottixroma tiempo

tds skillz says:

how does every soccer cleat fit you

Shurkener 89 says:

I got the Messi 16.3

Ben Herd says:

would you rather wear the messi pureagility or the hypervenom phinish 2 with the old stiff upper

Sander Nilsen says:

Could you start giving the shoes a rating Josh? Like out of ten or something. That would have been cool. Just YOUR personal opinion.

윤수성 says:

between asics ds light6 and messi 16.1 which one is more comfortable for wide feet?

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