CS:GO | Legit Hacking – “CANALS” NEW UPDATE/ Enemy: Kappa You Wanna HVH?… #ILoveKappaCheats

CS:GO | Legit Hacking – “CANALS”… I hope you guys enjoyed video and if you did make sure smash like button! Thanks for 26000 Subscribers that is just rediclious!

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✘Q : What’s your outro music?
✗A : You Sean&Bobo

✘Q : What software are you using?
✗A : Aimware

✘Q : Can i get your setting?
✗A : I don’t really have my own setting.

♛Music made by NCS/MONSTER CAT ^_^


Dawid Dulewicz says:

how you got this skin?

- WuttyFukly - says:

plz dont say pepperino and nicerino it is annoying xdd

hannesbeijer says:

Wy hack

Papryczak says:

noicerino paperino noicerino cappucino xddd Regards Poland FORLIFY XDDD

Shogunu'Gaming says:

What hack are you using?

Dazzleto says:

how many acc u have 😀 ?

Lucky Banana says:

this guy is so annoying tbh

ZeNDeRo Dragon says:


KOZAK PL says:

I can Play u me rank is mge

Indivisibility G says:

if you say “erino” one more time im kms

Frouq says:

What ia this cheats

A Green Rock says:

You don’t deserve to own this game. Better yet you don’t deserve that knife dammit D:<

Adam Seals says:

your jumping and crap is hurting my brain… btw do you think you are good

Bread & Butter says:

What skin change feauture do you use

ScoobXGaming says:

You are using aimware we know that

DJ H3RB4'L0SM4TTH3W _. says:

outro music?

The Guy With Hes Old Pic says:

shroud didnt find that right

SKyllazy PLAY says:

сука блять is legit hacking

Bhop says:

Thanks for 26000 Subscribers! (I couldn’t upload yesterday because i had a test) // I’m also trying to edit my videos so it’s more entertaining 🙂

Dell3004 CZ says:

Is aimware verry good hack?

Chan says:

do hvh

A Green Rock says:

Delete my comment you broken English nigger I dare you. You don’t deserve to breathe.

Anton says:

What hack you using?

Oojjrr says:

How do u dont get vac?

mike yow says:

If i had a dollar for everytime he say nicerino……

7 says:

you sound homosexuell

Huligan says:

Can you make film how download?

killermichi says:

How can hacking be legit?

Flurdle says:

Silver to Global please!!!!!!

Alishchan says:

you have hacks but you still do ADAD ? lmfao.

Lukas Gustavsson says:



Is 5dollarcheats any good?

hype quackz says:

this video was nicerino pepperino

Shashi says:

Stfu ITS so annoying when u say nicerino pepperino and i am gonna unsubscriberino

Dave says:

For how long did you buy aimware ?

Advay says:

do you use aimbot or no

iamderpness gaming says:

NEW SERIOUS Road to silver from global

ThePixelKing says:


Nights says:


Andrew Gunady says:

the dream map for Wall hackers

Bobi288Gaming says:

nahcereinou pehperinouh okea gotehm ”Xd”

Dino says:

Okay this comment will be deleted but why I must see this asshole who think hes cool and use hacks?

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