Goodfellow & Co. Review

Goodfellow and Co is the new menswear brand from Target. While Target isn’t necessarily on the top of the list for most stylish men, it could now be a great place to shop for some inexpensive items. You won’t necessarily find top-level construction or cashmere sweaters, but you will fond some decent value in the new lineup from Goodfellow & Co.
You can see the entire line of Goodfellow & Co. at:






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Fit Man Style says:

great review, gotta check it out to see if it’s a good fit for the fit man

Henry Ho says:

Great review as always!

Christopher Hodge says:

So I went to Target after watching your unboxing video and this line is definitely a case of appearances being deceiving. That’s not really a bad thing entirely.
They look great. You really do notice the quality of the materials in person though. I really wanted to love those chukkas but they felt so cheap to the touch that I decided against buying them. The clothes really do look great though and they seem like they would would hold up after a couple of washings, which is a little better than what stores like H&M offer.
As a bigger guy, I will say the fit does lean towards athletic and slimmer. Their “straight” legged jeans fit me like skinny jeans. Can’t wear them unless I want to risk looking like an ice cream cone! I Didn’t buy anything out of the Goodfellow & Co. line, though I may go back and buy the jacket. It was definitely their strongest offering. I opted for a couple of button down shirts from their older Merona line, which was on clearance for about $7 and offered a better fit. Big win there.

Great video as always!

Gentleman Within says:

I dropped by the other day. Liked some of the pieces I saw. No purchases, but like you said, it opens the door for a new market of guys to get into this menswear ‘game’ which is a win across the board.

Robert Messenger says:

Looks like I’m going to Target this weekend!

Ordinarily Dapper says:

Their Athletic Fit Chinos are very solid and a great fit for me! 2% stretch for all my jeans and chinos is a must!

Maury Stanger says:

Damn, now I cant wait to check this out!

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