Gym Gear Do’s and DON’Ts To Not Look Like A Douche | Workout Style Tips

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that he’s talked a lot about style on IAmAlphaM except for workout clothes. Look, you want to still look good, sharp, muscular, and super sexy– but not like a douche!
Alpha attributes his confidence to working out– it changed his life. You can do it, and do like like a sexy savage:

1. Shoes – function trumps fashion here! They need to be specific for your activity. Make sure they’re clean

2. Shorts – big, long, and baggy make you look shorter. Alpha discusses inseams as well as wearing tights under shorts in colder weather.

3. Workout pants – big and baggy sweatpants make you look short, heavy, and pear-shaped. Alpha demonstrates the perfect leisure / work out pants from Public Rec. They are amazing– they are crazy comfortable and look like tailored pants. You can always look dynamite. Alpha also shows Public Rec’s new bomber jacket that matches the pants.

4. Tee shirts – big and baggy tee shirts don’t show off your guns. Your shirt needs to fit well. Alpha is not a big fan of Under Armour shirts. Very few (like three!) look great in these shirts– the rest look like sausages. Alpha describes the perfect fit of a perfect workout tee: sleeves that are high, fitted through the body, snug in the chest. Alpha recommends Trim Menswear which he has a ton of their gear which are tailored to the athletic build.

5. Tank tops – wife beaters don’t look good on anyone and aren’t appropriate for the gym. Also, DO NOT WEAR HOMEMADE TANK TOPS MADE OUT OF TEE SHIRTS – they make everyone look like they have love handles, and nipples should not be showing! Go for a tank that is tight in the chest and looser in the body.


Two Stroke says:

I wear black everything, tights, tank tops, headrags and wristbands with black Chuck Taylors.I love it when people look at me like wtf is that guy wearing, i think it’s funny as hell.

Edward Purdy says:

why does he promote such shit brands, those joggers are dead

Breaking Physics says:

Why does he wear earrings

Harby Franco Fernandez says:

4:00 BasedZeus easter egg :v

nosh121081 says:

You look like a thief in that track suit.

yossef N says:


SirCrazy14 says:

how tall are you?

Dave Dunne says:

who gives a fuck what you wear to the gym its not a fashion contest. get in, do your workout and get the fuck out. worry about the important things which does not include what ppl think you look like

fourtalons says:

there is a time and place for fashion and style, the gym is not one of them

Megaladon7k says:

I have the muddiest shoes that i wear to the gym because i used to play soccer in them in the rain lmao

Blu says:

those types of t shirts also make you look short. the sleeve higher up to your shoulder makes you look shorter, not taller

philip L says:

Hey Alpha, how about some style for us average income guys ? like Jeans for under 50 and shirts around 30 ? A lot of us are on limited income yet want to look good. On one of your old make overs you took the guy to Old Navy for jeans because of the different cuts they offer…… Awesome tip, Old Navy slim cut jeans fir me perfect and when on sale 15 to 20, that I can afford to look good.

Wayne Cleveland says:

Who the hell wants to pay $48 for a t-shirt when I can just take my time and look for a GREAT fitting t-shirt at Marshalls or TJMAxx. Hell, if you time it right, you can find great fitting t’s at WalMart or Target.

Jake Ruotolo says:

Real alphas are the gym douche, embrace it

Joseph Dykes says:

Here’s the only Don’t u need: Don’t give a fuck about what you or anyone else is wearing in the gym. If you are in the gym and worried about clothes, pack up your gym bag purse and go to the mall where u belong. Leave the hard work and sweating for those who don’t come to the gym for a fashion show and conversations

Lahsi Little says:

one word


Joshua Roybal says:

Douche at the gym?? Wow, kudos to the guy who goes to the gym and doesn’t give a shit about what people think about him.. He’s there to work out, not to care about his fashion.. You should promote health and not care how people look getting there..

Tyler Pearce says:

Who cares how you look in the gym? You are there to kick your ass. For those pants, I can buy 9 workout outfits at Walmart. $95 pair of sweatpants? Who’s the douche now?

SeekingJustice says:

I’m glad I have my own gym. I train in my underpants. Or jeans, if it’s cold.

Aziz N says:

Give me exampels and stop talking damn it

SixthSense67 says:


Penutbutter And jealous says:

You probably have the most consistent channel for quality content and I love it! Binge worthy.

Dawson Warburton says:

I clicked on the video for dwight’s shirt in the thumbnail…

Popeye Strong like Bull says:

this guy is not an alpha

technological reinovations says:

fuck that shit I’ll just stick to my cheap n warn out track stuff smh. some dark blue soffe silkies and gray tanktop, underarmor shoes I got for xmas, and a sweatband to keep sweat outa my eyes I also got for xmas. Simple things I use to go jogging lmfao. Dope for stayin cool and sirves it’s function as intended. Its goina get all sapped with sweat n muck anyway so why throw +$100money away on it? SRSLY this video humps vcr. On some real shit. Good channel n everything but what up with all the plugging for other companies?Just a question.

Jose Lopez says:

i like the slim fit adidas pants, that go for around $40-65

sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

i don’t get this there’s already a million brands making athleisure sweatpants just like the one’s in this video…

mark pograjc says:

Showing of muscles at the gym isnt douchy. In open public it is.

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