HOW TO SPOT FAKE BALENCIAGA SPEED TRAINERS | Authentic vs Replica Balenciaga Review Guide

HOW TO SPOT FAKE BALENCIAGA SPEED TRAINERS. This authentic vs replica Balenciaga review guide gives you useful information in relation to checking the authenticity of Balenciaga speed trainers.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of replica/fake Balenciaga sneakers floating around on the market that are being resold as real so use this video as a guide to educate yourself on the differences so you can potentially avoid being scammed.

For a more detailed review on the authentic Balenciaga speed trainers check out the link to the in-depth review below!

Are Balenciaga Speed Trainers Worth it? In Depth Balenciaga Review:
Real vs Fake Balenciaga Runners Guide:
How to spot fake Balenciaga Arenas:
What Size Balenciaga Runners should you get:

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This channel does not promote counterfeit goods. This video was created for the sole purpose of educating those looking to buy the authentic product. Also note that because products are subject to change over time, the tips provided in this video will not necessarily apply in every situation.


Diego pardilla says:

video starts at 3:35

- soyeonpai says:

So Replica means fake? Shit.

Rickyyybitch says:

Bruh gay lol

Saoussen Aidoudi says:

j ai les fause

Dimpho Ehrens says:

This video is useless

Giku says:

where you got it from?

Stephanie Tellez says:

Where did he get the fake ones. Lmaaaooo they look the same

lyomon says:

Dont give a fuck um poor i dont want have to steal some if they look cool …i want the fakes but i cant find it …

Hobo Bobo says:

Just bought a pair on stockx hope it’s legit

Annesther Esika says:

trop cool

zhu huangyu says:

Fake one looks better than real

Bradley Garlock says:


Elina Jakovenko says:

do everyone get a certificate? i ve been even in a store and now i m like real or nah

itsleo says:

3:36 for the shoes…you’re welcome.

Noty kyd fego says:

i don’t see any difference besides the stitching at the back

150 subscribers?! ☺️ says:

If I saw someone on the road wearing these I don’t think I would take them off their feet and investigate if they’re real or fake..

Kikketta 63 says:

Piu belle nere

Helen Rodgz says:

Imagine spending 30x the price just to still be ugly and get ignored ill buy the fake ones idc ur dumb if your pay full price for these devil companies

BurntMuffin says:

I don’t mind people using fakes if they admit it’s fake.

streetkd gamer says:

Wat if u make ur box dirty

Papi Chulo says:

Where you get them from … link ?

Renan Abecia says:

im against fake things but thats a sock with soles

Sude A says:


thecspig ! says:

whats the site

BRRR says:

unless you are personally sponsored by Balenciaga or they’re paying your bills then fuck paying 700 for a pair of shoes, its not like pussy and success will come flying from the sky lol its about satisfying yourself not the approval of kids and strangers who wouldnt look to see if youre alive or dead lol i rather spend 80 on the fake ones but fakes that look real and im good to go fuck your girlfriend haha

CoCo Jam says:

Someone can rock that fake just a good fit and good outfits

Kuki 9322 says:

I would buy the fake ones but everybody would think im stupid and they would know im not wearing the og ones

The Doggy says:

Bitch I got on Balenciaga

Chuck Young says:

Bruh if nothing is too obvious WHO CARESSSSSSSSS

louzy says:

Where do u get the fakes?

X53_PotatO says:

Where you get the fake from lamon

eli kabbah says:

You can not tell the difference between the two

Blair Rich says:

Major designer and major clothing corporations are scum of the earth.
Asia will tear u all apart. Handcrafted no machines and you get your clothes from them anyway once mass production is in progress. They dont give back ever, they sit phat and indulge on young women. F#$k them all

Fake it till u make it.

Eva joy says:

How hard is it though to make fake shoes it seems so easy

Hassan Ali says:

White back color is very nice

Maine De villa says:

I dont care if it is fake or real

itsleo says:

Gees the fakes are getting really really really close. Literally youll have to squat down at someones feet to notice the difference, if they’re not moving, and they dont mind lol…I guess buying the gen in this instance will just make you “feel” different.

it’s helix bitch says:

i’m watching this while wearing the bootlegs lmao i just like the way they look fuck the price tag on them tho. i will say the fakes are comfy as fuck and pretty decent quality, would buy again ngl.

bumble bee unicorn says:

They low-key ugly

Moroccan Killah says:

plot twist : he was using two replicas on the video.

Sky's Momma says:

My G the look exactly the same

Dyanda Hijam says:

Not every fake box will have dirt and crease on the corner dumbass

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