What’s Up YouTube? Back again with another streetwear trends video. Only this time I’m simply naming what I’ve seen rise in popularity within the first few months of 2017. But this time it’s not 10 minutes 😉

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Novagrphx says:

The whole roses and blending champion logo with designers names is tacky as fuck

Peter Chen says:

man fila are going to target in australia


i remember when you could’ve cop champion products at wal mart

tonystark says:

Champion and Gucci !?!?

nolimit5oldier says:

People from Atlanta never really stopped wearing Fila. Fila = Forever I Love Atlanta

CARL says:

Reverse weave or not. Champion hoodies are good quality and it’s not just hype. I recommend everyone having one of there hoodies. True to size btw.

Primordial Vengeance says:

Slim fits are fucking gay. Baggy clothes like Tupac and early Eminem is the proper way to indulge in masculinity.

Jason J says:

champion was 20$ for a hoodie

Dani Kovács says:

On Instagram every single mother fucker wears a yeezy and some adidas socks with their (possibly adidas) sweatpants tucked into thier socks lamo
Wait untill Kanye wears his undies on the outside that shit’s gonna blow up!!


Is that fuckin Spooky black I hear in the background Bc that’s my shit

Leon Lind says:

shit the cap is flying


I fuck with this guy

f1rewall says:

Daddy spooky

British Guy says:

What is hyperbeast

Edgar Acosta says:

Follow up and coming brand @fvrcry and @theedgaracosta on Instagram!

mintyjuggernaut says:

Wait i got those reeboks for 20$ lol there vintage hahah

sᴜʙᴛᴇʀʀᴀɪɴ says:

And1 is gonna blow up

Pokigums says:

Damn I got roasted for skinny jeans and jean jackets but like wth Issa trend now so ok

zyasin5 says:

Where is your cap from? Looks fire

The Dongerino says:

im betting money echo and zoo york boutta blow tf up

Araceli Vargas says:

everyone is literally paying for the brand

ZAXX says:

In germany a champion hoodie is like 20 bucks

alexpsx says:

champion wtf

lil goat aka young kid!!! says:

funny what you call streetwear I call white kids being 10 years late in style lol!!!

EDPSacksTheQuarterback says:

I don’t get the Champion hype

Spencer Whitehead says:

This dude looks so uncomfortable

Snuggs Stovall says:

Is this SPOOKY BLACK?!!!!!!! SALUTE Alex!

patrick graham says:

that spooky black instrumental in the background I love it

Tejas Raj says:

ik for a fact that the bape champion collabs is done with the champion that’s in Japan that is much higher tier than what we get in America. as a result it can level up to bapes standards. I was super confused how a Walmart brand like champion skrt skrtd into Bape lol

addison thibodeaux says:

5:24 call it irony

Mister Randy Watson says:

All this expensive shit to impress a bitch with a 15 dollar outfit, Imma save this money and fuck these hoes in my Nike flip flops

Gay Bowser says:

Vintage Russel and Starter gonna blow up again witness it

AmbiencePT says:

Ellesse is also everywhere this year.

Xenia Alexandrovna says:

I thought he was standing lol.

T B says:

Modern rap style = dress like a faggot from the 90s

gary li says:

do you go to school

LU NA says:


Alex Minagawa says:

Champion reverse weaves are really good quality. They’ll last forever.

Sam Martel says:

i hope that gucci embroidery dies in a hole

Joni Bek says:

Dude Gucci and champion rose hoodie is sooo sexy omg

Nicholas Cheap says:

I notice minimal style

Nathaniel Julien says:

Bro your the realest on youtube I fucking swear

yung zed says:

i hear that spooky black in the bg


holy fuck i used to get roasted in middle school for wearing champion, I am now a senior in HS and ppl compliment for my champion that ive had for years

stove says:


Corvo Attano says:

Smh when I was a kid I always wanted gosha shit, I never did be cause I never new what their name was I just new the logo and I though they were “innapropriate” so I never asked

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