Infinity Kappa, quality or just prestige? (read the description)

Another review for all of you car audio fidelity and prestige brand lovers.

In this case, I’m talking about a legendary one: Infinity and their Kappa series, which is the top of Infinity car audio product but, can we still say it’s a quality product?

Models reviewed are:

Infinity Kappa 680.9 cs (component system)
Infinity Kappa 693.9i

For specs, visit:

Presentation and product availability may vary because not all Infinity products are being sold/distributed in Mexico.

This video was made based on my own experience and with informative purposes, not with means of prejudice or slander against Infinity, Harman/Kardon or Harman International Industries.

I hope you like this and find it useful for choosing your next speakers.

Thanks for watching.


Ruben theIowan says:

I love infinity kappa. I have two pair oh their 62.11i coaxial.


It wasn’t the tweeters that died, it was the crossover. They suck and killed my tweeters! I had to replace them both! A good crossover will hep those tweeters out tremendously!
And YES!!! that tiny allen screw design is very annoying!

imthefercho says:

I seriously couldn’t say because I’ve never had kicker speakers before. But, if we consider kicker’s main product are subwoofers and you want some serious bass from speakers, you should try kicker. Infinity’s good but it’s more focused on midrange frequencies and not so much on bass. I hope I was able to help you.

Maxim Fabio says:

Kappa 62.11i

kwazykilla87 says:

i owned the 609cs had them on my 350z and loved them. i traded the car in and the speakers never gave any problems for the 4 yrs i had them in there. just bought a new set to go in my new 370z. i went to car toys and heard all types of speakers imo these still sound the best. the only ones that sounded better were the Focal but at the 600 and up price point. for 125 ill take my 609cs any day of the week.

Jose Barahona says:

None of the infinity brand is “high quality” how about you try a pair of focal then see what pieces of shits you really have

Maxim Fabio says:

Hey man thanks for your review, what do you think if I play lots of deep house, deep tech and techno with lots of bass how would it sound comparing for example to kicker speakers?

imthefercho says:

+SnakeEyesSOG S.O.G.  I’m sorry, somebody marked your comment as a SPAM and I wasn’t able to read it until now. Now, for subs and amps, it depends on how much and what kind of bass you’re looking for. One thing is for sure: never ever buy cheap stuff, like those cheap amps that say 20000000000 watts PMPO. Use also the internet to check reviews and car audio expert web pages (like crutchfield). 

badbwoyconnection says:

my tweeters lasted a week

imthefercho says:

+Maxim Fabio I’ve never tried kicker speakers but, if you want some serious bass with full midrange and high details, I would recomend you to add a subwoofer on a sealed box for the bass and leave the rest to the speakers applying a highpass filter. That would give you the exact quality you like!! 

imthefercho says:

Yup, I have no complain on coaxial infinity speakers.

SnakeEyesSOG S.O.G. says:

Hay great review im looking ti buy 6.5″ and i was looking at the 3 way coaxle and ur review helped alot. Thanks i think i might buy 6 of them. Do u have any sujustions for subs and amps.

McLeod YMCA says:

How did you get the grill off?

Jason Turner says:

this video just sounds like a lot of complaining to me .

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