Infinity Kappa Subwoofers with SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance) 120.9W & 100.9W

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Brand new from Infinity are the SSI Kappa Series subwoofers, the 120.9W & 100.9W. Both subs look incredible with the gold glass-fiber cone with chrome decals. Infinity uses SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance) technology to let the user choose whether they want the subwoofer to act as a 2-ohm sub or a 4-ohm sub. It also uses a strong cast aluminum basket around the subwoofer. These are the next generation of Infinity Kappa subwoofers.

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Eddie Haggstrom says:

That is NOT a large magnet but it is very strong becaus the motor force is about the same as a 150 oz magnet

Sonic Electronix says:

Monoblock amplifiers that have multiple speaker inputs are designed to internally parallel the wiring. So if you just connect your dual voice coil subwoofer to the amplifier it will automatically parallel them. If you’d prefer to do your own parallel wiring, then you can just connect to one positive and one negative. Just make sure that if you use the left positive, use the left negative as well, also vice versa.

William Blackwell says:

get the 12’s if you have the room.

Sonic Electronix says:

It is a mono amplifier, but Infinity provides two sets of speaker terminals for wiring convenience. If you are trying to parallel two 4ohm subwoofers down to 2ohms, you can either connect each subwoofer to a set of terminals, or you may simply use one of the positive leads and one of the negative leads and parallel the subwoofers in the enclosure internally.

Free Staff Bulgarian says:

lolllll wtf : O :O i love this !!!!

M Espino says:

i will run a pair of kappa 12’s in an alpine pdx 1.1000 could be safe ? the pdx is a 1000 watss rms and the infinityes are 350 each,

Philippe Fortin says:

just replace my mtx jh600 by an alpine mrx-m110 and with proper gain adjustement my subs sounds much better,cleaner and deeper bass!

Remington Bradley says:

@SonicElectronixTV Thank you so much for that information. I am new to the subwoofer world so all the info i get helps alot. i have one more question though, how would i go about wiring them in parallell, im not quite sure what this means, Thanks

AnnTwaun says:

how is this sub i might wanna buy it

Zane says:

The “infinity kappa one” amp. I have it powering two of these subs and it is a perfect match

Flexin Five Hundred says:

How the hell are they getting 2 AND 4 from same voice coils? DVC that when you switch it to 4 ohm in only uses one voicecoil?

milk491 says:

What type of Amp would you use for that kappa 120.9 12inch?

matt ouellette says:

so i’m new to all this car audio stuff. my amp is 300 watts rms at 4 ohms and 500 watts rms at 2 ohms. does each voice coil need 350 watts to sound good, making my amp not powerful enough?

Parker Nerat says:

It depends on your budget, box space ect. Both of Infinity’s offerings for subs are excellent.

Matthew Wood says:

is it a single or dual voice coil?

Sonic Electronix says:

Long story short, 500W should be more than sufficient. Either 300 or 500W would work fine, but we’d recommend the 500 to get the most out of the sub.

Sonic Electronix says:

@ondamountain You are going to want to treat each voice coil as a SVC, setting each subwoofer to an impedance of 4 ohms. Doing this will mean you now have 2 Single 4 ohm subs, at this point you wire the subs in parallel for a final impedance of 2 ohms. This will let you utilize the 800 watts from the amp to power up the subs that will require 700 watts total.

Sonic Electronix says:

Any amplifier that outputs 400W RMS at a 2 or 4 ohm load. The Infinity KAPPA ONE at a 4 ohm load would make that sub sound awesome, very clean.

Parker Nerat says:

a speaker will never be damaged by underpowering. its damaged by clipping from demanding more then capable. If you wanna run a single i recommend the Infinity Ref1300a monoblock. It can be found for as low as $119

William Blackwell says:


2009thread1 says:

im ordering one of these soon

Parker Nerat says:

Quality forever. I’ll take an infintiy over a type r any day! They SLAM and sound amazing. That goes for all they’re lines!

Sonic Electronix says:

They can take their rated power. If you want to give them more, that is at your own discretion and you risk losing your warranty.

Sonic Electronix says:

@ondamountain Positive of one sub to the positive of the other subs, negative of one sub to the negative of the other sub. Then go from just one sub to the amplifier. This means going from positive of selected sub to amp and negative of selected sub to amp. Also you can go to our website and under our Knowledge Base we will have a link to subwoofer diagrams.

Sonic Electronix says:

@belexxes I would not recommend doing this. The Kappas can take a beating but you might be over powering them by more than necessary. I would say go with the Kicker ZX750.1 or the JL Audio HD750/1. You can even go with the Rockford Fosgate P700-1BD. If you already have the Alpine amp I would say just be careful and don’t turn your gain to high.

goatskindreams says:

damn dummie proof wiring

Sonic Electronix says:

@Iamthemink Please keep in mind that you want to only pay attention to the RMS power ratings. These subwoofers are 350 Watts RMS each for a total of 700 Watts RMS. You are without a doubt over powering the subwoofers. You want to make sure that you adjust your gain accordingly to accomodate for the excess wattage.

Avery Hamann says:

What is the mounting depth of Kappa 120.9?

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