Kappa Rattler Indoor – Review + On Feet

Kappa Rattler Indoor/Futsal Review

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Braúlio António says:

its like magista

Hx. Williams says:

I don’t know if kappa and Nike had some sort of agreement to allow kappa to do such a thing because nike should’ve sued them but if not then this is a big shame to kappa.

David Castilla says:

i thoght the kappas were basketball shoes

Troy Nawa says:

Realy a copy of the magista

Margad Ganbold says:

those kappa shoes are super bulky and almost looks like a basketball shoes

drsnowmon says:

Are they going to make fun of me if I wore this to the game?

Sophie Yarwood says:

Does anyone else realize that Kappa’s logo is two women sitting back to back?

Rhino Vartto says:


the diamond minecrafter says:


Adam Howlett says:

some one tell Nike

ReKluPL says:

Kappa Magista

Jasar Daliposki says:

this is a bad copy of nike magista


I want

Sam says:

plot twist: Nike copied kappa

Stephen Costello says:

how are kappa aloud to just copy nike

FaDe NK says:

lol magista rip offs

sayyo. sin says:

they’re airwalks compared to vans and converse

Chris Andrade says:

They look like clown shoes smh kappa

Knoxin' says:


Saman Mahjoob says:

cant nike sue them for this?

Andy Perez says:

Can you please do a video on the ACE 16+

Huey_2_ Spaniel says:

I hate rip offs
they look so bloody bad and for cheapskates only


no nike magista copy,its original

Brandon Garcia says:

ima cop these bitches

Zakiy Merchant says:

It is so damn thick

Charlie Floyd says:

ive never seen josh pissed before

Arkisys says:

Honestly Kappa is the duchebaggiest brand ever. There logo is unprofessional, and there product is junk. I have no idea how they sponsor big European teams.

Arturo Miranda says:

you can really tell Josh hates these shoes because hee did not plug his laces company.

Matthew Hanson says:

Josh, of you could rate these socks I mean boots on a crappy scale 10 being extremely crappy, what would you rate it?

Ricardo Puente says:


Should i start a channel ? says:

can you pls do a review on the adidas x performance 16.3 silver metalic

Zainab Salah says:

Idk I think they are more pretty than the nikes

Bosko Trivunovic says:

Magistas are ugly enough but those…..well, just
look at them

Gabbe says:

I nearly bought this in the very start of 2015!

O Fleming says:

There nice

Onni Rosberg says:

Do review of Joma Champion Max, they are crappy copy of adidas X 15.1

Awesome Oli H says:

Produced by target

ButterPlaysMC says:

What are thoooseee???!!!!

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