Lacing Tip – Cleanest Way to Tie Soccer Cleats/Football Boots

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Dashe Dashe says:

Thx it is helpful

Zohaib Asif says:

wouldn’t the excess lace in your shoe be uncomfortable?

Zawad Tiash says:

Thanks bro it helped me a lot

Señor Bobby says:

I feels better too thank you

Prestigio Thunder says:

who is he?

Nusaiba Syedali says:

Thanks dude

FINERzz xD says:

Are magista obra 2 for wide or narrow feet

Jose Garcia says:

will it work on messi 16.3 spacedust edition

Benji , says:

So great

Murray Family says:

Does this work easier on one-piece uppers?

Mary J Ludahan says:

Does it work on Nike mercurial victory???

Malayakickerz says:

How about Superfly?

Aj soccer Bros says:


Arthurtube543 HD says:

Josh do u like Hypervenom phantom 2 or Magista obra 2

Zakuuu__ says:

Is there another ‘Clean’ way to tie your Soccer shoes with a nike mid cut shoe?

GSicKz says:

josh in this vid you are not doing the trick that you showed us years ago with putting the laces from the outside to the inside in the last holes in order to increase the tightness of the laces do you know what i mean? are you not doing that anymore?

Darren Barlow says:

This helped alot! Thanks! Even thoe this video is a year old haha

Sathvik Parameshwar says:

should your shoe be tight

Football/Soccer Dan says:

You can’t really applie this trick to collar/sock boots

Daisy Davis says:

I tie my laces like this now


I like this method but when ever I’m playing the laces don’t stay tucked in

Canal 0 KM TM says:

Faz Legenda Pra Nós Do BRASIL

suhpreme #ay says:

do video how to tie adidas x16.1

Bryce Staalsen says:

I’ve been doing that since I was a kid, but I take the lace going through the lateral lace hole and flip it from the standard way, so the small knot and laces stay under the lip of the shoe. Can’t say the knot is uncomfortable, but I’ve also always done it that way. I can’t stand my laces being outside the shoe.

Daksh Sripada says:

wouldn’t it feel kinda uncomfortable on the side because you tucked in the laces?

Aryar Khasro says:

Josh thx this really helps me get really clean kicks

Ajitha P Kavanur says:

our football ground is too hard one
, can u suggest a football cleat which would be more durable in such grounds.

Lewis Lembikisa says:

+Soccer Reviews For You don’t you get discomfort or feel the laces against your foot?

Germanater 263 says:

Josh where did you get those shorter laces for those magista? I want to get some for my superfly 5’s.

Miguel's Soccer Channel says:

This video was uploaded on my birthday

Aiden Akanji says:

what if you have sock boots

Akira tomioka says:

Does it feel uncomfortable

Umar Rajakhurram says:

I feels better

Irish Countryman says:

what boots are they? the look like a really good fit?

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