Nike VaporMax Review – Is It Actually Good?

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Review Page

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lee백곰 says:

what would be the sizing for this shoes?

Jesus Nicolas says:

when are the black ones coming out for this shoe? ( in the us)

Antonio Priolo says:

Which boot do you prefer and why? The phantom 3 DF or the purechaos

Kalash Sharma says:

What if I use them on little stones and mixture of sand

Elton Toledo says:

nice ! start reviewing more running shoes ! espically ones with good cushioning since running is done mostly on hard concrete surfaces
thanks love your channel

Mark Buda says:

Like: Ultraboosts
Comment: Vapormax

Infamous Hunter says:

Get yeezys

Connor Ryder says:

How much do these cost ?

Jerson Taneo says:

it would be good if they were filled with helium

1 subscriber no videos says:

Easily punctured?

Leonardo Fernández Messina says:

Hahahaha, nike US$$$. Come on, it is too obvious.
Nevertheless, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it: BOOST is absolutely better.

Nourredine jina-pettersen says:

Please review the Joma’s soon!!!

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

I just ordered a pair saving it from the summer

Nathster 77 says:

If i had the choice of purchasing an elite foootl/soccer cleat or the VaporMaxich should I buy???

Even says:

are you going to compare them to adidas ultra boost 3.0?

Cris H says:

What do you think about cross branding?I have all the ultraboost since I think adidas has the best shoes , but I wear Nike socks , and shorts since there comfortable

Irving Salgado says:

Vapor xi ag next please!!

Steve Starr says:

I have yet to see *a single* review of this shoe that praises it for running, and I really do think Nike wanted to bring runners back to Air. Instead, just another shoe for the bros in the hood and home boyz wanna-bees.

Matthew Rodriguez says:

If you take these on a plane would it blow up (this is a serious question I’m going to Italy and would like to know before I buy)

Cris H says:

How much?

Chan Woo KANG [08Q1] says:

vapormax is a more expensive bounce

Luke Li says:

They should sponsor you

SuperBoris1976 says:

I just hope they don’t wear to the right of the sole like tnz. I’m thinking they won’t as there’s no suport bars pushing the foot to the right. I’ve just ordered the chukka slips in black

sparkslpl says:

Is the shoe flynit?

Bub Hinson says:

What boot do you prefer? Magista opus (1) or hypervenom phantom 1? I can’t decide which one to buy

Brandon Pollard says:

Boost are not the comparison. Vapors are for real running not mall jogging

job07100 says:

Josh id like to see your air max collection

DeVante Lewis says:

I see you picked up a Nike dri-fit knit shirt how do you like it?

anton eckart says:

Tries to show bounce In shoe by bouncing on a shiny bouncy piece of flexible plastic.

Tempelton Amor says:

A shoe reviewer that gets to the point and hits all the topics! I’m glad I found your page after going through a bunch of wannabe gangsters that just ramble on and talk with their hands. Subbed

Alessandro Pestana says:

now that you’ve had them for a little while, do you still recommend them? For that price range as a sneaker for casual wear?

SuperBoris1976 says:

There redesigned nike shoks the full spring one

dhennis888 says:

That does not beat any of Asics running shoes!

Daniel Ayala says:

Best review I’ve seen on this shoe yet .

Jim C says:

Excellent and thorough review!

Spicy Jim says:

I’m too damn fat I’d break them air bubbles

Νικος Αγκαλιου says:

what’s the most comfortable running shoe?

Shubh Pinjani says:

Hey Josh, which shoe do you personally find more comfortable Hypervenom Phantom II DF or Magista Obra II?

Chiaaw says:

If you walk on these will they make a squeaky noise?

Drew Lamm says:

So can you do a comparison as which feels better the Vapor or Ultraboost

Jack Gamble says:

I have some vapor maxes and I agree with everything you said!

Dylan Lascelle says:

were you standing on a whiteboard?

Henry Vincent says:

Hey josh why dont you wear your sr4u tops in the videos anymore?

kevink15 says:

Josh should I buy evoSpeed 1.4 fg or nike mercurial veloce II fg ?(I’m a winger/striker)

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