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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, aaron marino of, reviews the Flex Belt. The quest for ripped 6 pack abs has been going on since the age of cave man (maybe not quite that long but it’s be a while). I take the Flex Belt for a test drive to see if this thing can give you the ripped six pack you have always wanted or if this is just another fitness scam that will only reduce your wallet.

Can this simple black belly blasting belt give you the chiseled six pack of your dreams or is it a scam? Aaron Marino of alpha m. was contacted by Flex Belt to give a review. He has seen ab toning super products for years. He has never tried to them because he’s chalked them up to BS. This is Alpha’s chance to take it for a test drive to see if his assumptions are correct or if he’s been missing out. There were no strings attached!

About EMS Systems

There have been a ton EMS systems (Electric Muscle Stimulator) ranging from therapy to rehab situations. An electrode is connected to the muscle to give it juice and cause it to contract. Over the years, the systems got in trouble with the FDA: the products didn’t stimulate a *hot turd* and were being sold as a weight loss, side reducing wonder product. The Flex Belt got FDA clearance for ab toning, firming, and strengthening.

How it works

Essentially, you have an adjustable belt, electrodes, replaceable pads, and a battery pack. After putting it on, set the program (1 -10) and increase the intensity levels (1 -150). Alpha started feeling it on program 5 / intensity 30. He starts getting ballsy from there– he cranks it up. Contractions last 2 seconds with relaxation for 5 seconds for 30 minutes. He used it for 1 week and has been really sore (mainly his obliques).

Does the belt work?

The muscle engages and contracts causing toning and firming. Your abs will strengthened and toned. To get to see your abs, however, you need a healthy diet with cardio to get rid of your layer of fat.It’s not a shortcut; it’s something to add. It would be great to supplement to an ab workout in the gym. Flex Belt is a great product, and he’s glad Flex Belt contacted him!


Majestic says:

Bruce Lee used to wear one.

Samuel Jackson says:

I used to use a contour belt to SUPPLEMENT my ab workout and and it made them more toned and defined faster by targeting spots I might not have gotten in the gym. But it WILL NOT work for weight loss.

Anthony Fernandez says:


Masin Thomas says:

So if I am already under 10% body fat will this make my abs show

Julian Garcia says:

i can’t believe this guy wants me to shock myself when this itself is shocking

Haiden Mariani says:

That’s cool but where am I going to get 150 bucks

Anthony Flores says:

2:39 abdominal smack down

uranobody says:

Great review and yes no product will make you lose fat, these products will help tighten and tone muscle. In theory if you have more muscle you burn more fat. I have tried other products like this and I did get results tighter abs but results really came in with better diet and more and more cardio.

danny boy says:

I use it after workout .

meowtrox1234 says:

Can I wrap it around my dick?

siva kumar says:

its not working

Green Hustle Workout says:

It don’t work

LilSethie gunn says:

would this help if you have low body fat like say 130 lbs

DJ Victorious The best of the best says:

I’m gonna try this if it doesn’t work then I’m gonna stop watching your videos bro , just letting you know man

Goof Ball says:

Put it on 150

Scarlett Rose Smiths says:

I love my abs stimulator. I never expected this thing to work, but it’s great. You can get more info here:

Reaper says:

The way this belt works could be awesome for me Since I have limited mobility because of screws in my hip. I could wear this while I’m at work since my job is almost pure cardio

Taimy Bringas says:

Will that work for women?

Silent Dawn says:

I see it as a supplement. You don’t stop eating food because of whey…

Kayon walker says:

What’s the % of fat to have for this product to work? Hope my question makes sense.

Brandon Gauthier says:

im trying to order one from your video. is the linkl fresh?

Michael Romero says:

You dont have to do cardio to loose body fat, just gotta find your basal metabolic rate and then make sure you stay in a caloric defecit

Lukas Sandor says:

I bort it for £56

leos rule says:

I had bad back surgery and was left nearly paralysed. I am unable to exercise at all. Not to be gross – yet In the meantime my bowels are inactive. So I’m not looking for a chiseled ab, just a way to keep my insides from dying. Can anyone tell me if this product helped stimulate bowel movements??
Please, Serious replies only. Thank you.

Natalia Annaklytchova says:

I really love the flex belt .You have to use it 5 days a week to see the result just be consistent .

Ryan Way says:

Why in the WORLD would they pick you to review this? (Other than your 2.8M subscribers of course) You are already a genetically lean mesomorph with visible abs. What does this prove?

Arslan Chaudhry says:

What about the flex arms? Does that work too?

Grey Nigi says:

If your the guy that should be testing this how do we actually know if it works if you already have abs

Philadelphias FavoriteSon says:

I this how you paid for those teeth?

Chris Blyth says:

Honestly I would rather work for my abs

TruthofDilly says:

Works your outer muscles not your heart so this is dangerous, steer clear! Google it’s!

Thomas Gunkler says:

“I was ready to rip this product a new one…”, but then the check came in, and I’ll be damned, the fucking thing works great!

Aaron,? ,! Quintero says:

What I like about this guy is he actually tells the truth

Piotr Adamowicz says:

This ABS simulator is for someone ho already have 6 or 8 pack

John Michael Kane says:

oh well shit I’m 6’1 and only 140lbs I feel like my absless flat stomach would start to show then

Solei Berano says:

Don’t believe any of this commercial videos.Flex belt paid him a very good amount of money.Just train correctly and diet well

supermariofan03 says:

I just care about toning down my body. I don’t care too much about abs I’m not trying to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I just want to look more thin.

Eduard Bruchner says:

Just put Tiege Hanley on your abs and you’ll get an 8 pack

busybusyediting says:

Show your abs dude!

Galvanny says:

you talk too much and do almost nothing i wanted to see a REAL review non a promo

Music All Day Everyday says:

just eat sensible and do more cardio… no fast-food!!!

Razia Arshad says:

Hi bro which shop online did you get your flix beld from cood you let me know which shop I can get it from chetham hill thanks

Pixel Ninja says:

This guy is a douche bag

Cleiton Bozzi says:

Like the way u described it, great dude, I’m buying one from my mate and lets see, peace

siva kumar says:

erri puka

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