Sixpad Test + Review

Sixpad sent me some of there cool Body Revolution Kit to test out!

I tested it more for recovery, watch the vid to find out what I thought.

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Victor Herrera says:

bore me talk to much make your videos shorter

Rizz Robinson says:

How do you get this to stay on your stomach? Mine instructed that I remove the adhesive gels. But common sense tells me that it’s the gels that make the device stay on your stomach. I lay down on my back to use it. But when I stand up? It falls off. I saw the part where you mentioned it’s easy to put on, “the sticky pads”. But mine tells me to take them off lmao. Chinese people confuse the hell outta me with their instructions.

Jean Brisebois says:

Yo can you use it while driving for real?

ronaldo colon says:

didnt see the video
but my question is does it work or not ?

pjotri65 says:

It CAN’T work. Why? It’s very, very simple: if a muscle works, it burns energy, hidden in the body (fat, if you want). If the muscle will be powered by a battery, like in this case, which energy will it burn? Body one, or battery one? Well. Bodybuilding? NO!!! Why? Very simple: to make muscle stronger, the muscle MUST work with LOAD (dumbbell). If moving the muscle without load, there’s no bodybuilding, no workout, hihihi..Don’t be stupid, DON’T BUY IT!!

Marc Anderson says:

This is the worse review that I have ever seen. I would pretty upset if I was the products owner/developers.

5000 subs without a video says:

Guys,dont believe on things like that.The only way to get a better apearence and improve your health is to workout out regularly and also having a balanced diet.

Rob A says:

Aww, very cool

Tingyou Dong says:

I am very happy to order here!… # muscle stimulator

ronil dalmpines says:

How many minutes we use per day?

Dumala Diary says:

Did it work

Alex Green says:

How exactly does this six pad work!

Fashizy says:

@2:46 You’re welcome

Aaron Hotfelder says:

I didn’t find anything with substance in this video…sorry!!!

Redouane Dz says:

IS It true that sixpad will bring résults or without working out at gym u CANt loose ur fat ? Does It really helps?

zhe wang says:

we have viewed your program,very intresting,Sorry to disturb you, we sold many styles IMATE abs abdominal muscle toner belt.the The effect is very significant.if you are intrested in our product.we would like to send one set to you to use by free.if you feel well once you get the item.please help us to intruduce and that ok?looking forward to yhour reply.

Colton Vautard says:

Have you ever tried herbalife products?

gabeft95 says:

This isn’t even a review

Nathan Brawley says:

Bruh just do sit-ups/crunches

KoDomino says:

Fuck off

Zinger One says:

Твое лицо напоминает людей которые едят сою, ты долбоеб сука блять?

Andre Hibbert says:

Sorry but this was bad review.

марк сырбу says:

Я один русскоязычный тут ?


Does it actually work?? Im quite “skinny” no excess body fat. Would the results be more faster with exercise. I have about almost 2 week of gym time. 3 hours a day not regulary though. I sometimes come every 2 days. And sometimes not even, a week after i go to the gym again.

Fadter says:

You are so ugly man sorry

johann badion says:

Pre good! Make sure to shorten the video even more or ad background music so it’s more interesting. I also can’t hear your voice that well.

Okaney Clark says:

What fucking review takes 10 minutes, also holy hell that is the most hilarious “get fit quick” scam I’ve ever seen

Leroy Cobb says:

With a flat stomach how long do you think it takes to get the form of your six pad?

SloMo Destructo' says:

I put this on my “junk” holy shiiiit

Doomsdeal - says:

whats with the hates? Is a review plus he looks fit before reviewing this.

Amina Kuyem says:

What means 33?

Its Shaz says:

Amazing video

Nick Weisz says:

First 2.40m a waste

Sinan Cebeci says:


Adam Kaan says:

No it won’t build muscle because there is no resistance.

sashu ss says:

How long (minutes)can i wear this ting on abs?

Jeffrey McKee says:

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to get abs, do planks. I do a 3 minute every morning. It took a couple of months for them to pop out, but they are there. I’d be scared that the electrical impulse from that contraption would be damaging to your body. I don’t think we were created to put that current through us.

Intelligence Injection says:

Not gonna watch the video. It doesn’t work

Moose Bros says:

The one that you said was for your calf looks like its for your peks

Tech Vibes says:

go fuck yourself !!!

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