Top 10 Futsal Shoes Best Indoor Football & Soccer Trainers

Find out the best shoes for futsal with our top ten trainers for 5-a-side and indoor soccer.
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MTBMX 79 says:

Please do one for kids

Sammyisbad says:

Can you do another top 10 Futsal or street shoes.

Ignacio Martínez Rodríguez says:

are you kidding me? mizuno the best ones? Joma and Munich are the best brands to wear (made in spain both). Confort, flexibility, duration, quality… really you should test more boots.

Giulio Bianco says:

joma top flex is 1

decent mid says:

you should not compare typical futsal boots with football indor boots

Tudor Soimosan says:

what about joma top flex ???

Ricky Wright says:

Top 10 futsal shoes for size 15 feet?

Chris Dave says:

all 4 models of Nike in top 10 :))

TheGamingCookie YT says:

Dangerously close to 300k subs

Grant 13 says:

I wear the tiempo x, love them

mario castillo says:

Adidas samba ????

mohamad azam says:

adidas sala & puma invicto fresh should be in

Thuhfa Hafiz says:

Nike’s MagistaX and TiempoX are the best in terms of technology and quality IMO. My teammate has only worn her Joma for a few months and the quality is crap.

Pepeaspe Jurado says:


Assasin Kai says:

The nike magista is so sold out in my sizes

nick yeo says:

i just recently bought the mizuno sala premium 2 indoor futsal shoes but im wondering if it is suitable for narrow feet like myself? because i tried checking all of the reviews on YT but no one has ever talk what feet would be more suitable on.. can anyone let me know? it would be a great help! :))

Joao Alfredo Cardoso Lamy says:

I have the low-cut version of the MagistaX and i’m loving it so far for futsal

Firaz Azmi says:

lunar gatos

אייל שניידר says:

hi’is it good also when playing outside 5*5?

fapper 69 says:

sub to my channel

Marc Jensen says:

What about Adidas special

Vici Ball is life says:

can you play basketball with this

Pepeaspe Jurado says:

Where are KELME and JOMA??? The best brands for futsal shoes

Mamdouh Ramly says:

I hate futsul

Vernon Freestyle7 says:


MareShabazz says:

u clearly never heard of puma m8

Roy Fluffy says:

honestly never see why so many people love Samba or Mundial. Sure it looks cool, classic, retro whatever. They last long and are comfy. But they are so heavy feels just wrong for such fast-paced games. Upper and sole are way too thick for quick moves. Personally I love Nike Davinho and Adidas topsala(if playing in basketball court, freefootball janeirinha is great too)

Christopher Lawendy says:

those Spanish boots are trash

สุริยะเกียรติ ยอจําปา says:

I love pan mad thai

Arya Wira Samudera says:


Abílio Silva says:

Very disappointed with your knowledge about Futsal. Lotto is a popular shoe in Futsal, Adidas Copa Mundial is a popular shoe in Futsal. You really haven’t done your homework properly. What about all the Futsal shoes from Kelme or Joma? And you put Umbro shoes in the 10° place? For your information the oldest shoes in Futsal are Munich, Umbro, Kelme, brasilian’s brand Penalty and Dalponte, Joma and after all these ones it started to show up Puma, Adidas and Nike.

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