Top 4 Sneakers For Men – 2017

In this video I wanted to talk about the top 4 sneakers for men for 2017 and show the ones I love the most. You really can’t go wrong with adding these to your casual and/or gym wardrobes because they look great, aren’t too loud to distract attention away from your polished, whole outfit and are pretty darn comfortable. See the link below for my companion article discussing my 4 favorite sneakers for 2017:

Here’s the links to the sneakers featured in this video:

4.Nike Flyknit Racer –

3.Converse Low Top All Star in Leather –
Converse Low Top All Star in Canvas –
Converse Low Top Jack Purcell in Leather –
Converse Low Top Jack Purcell in Canvas –

2.Adidas Ultraboost –
Adidas NMD

1.Adidas Stan Smith – for more about me, what I do as a Celebrity Menswear Stylist, and other men’s lifestyle related articles and videos.


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I hope you liked this video, I normally do longer series’ about men’s style, men’s etiquette, men’s grooming, men’s dating and other men’s lifestyle topics, including some occasional vlogging. But I thought this would be fun to do one-of type videos like this one about the top 4 sneakers for men in 2017. Definitely check out my other videos if you liked this one!


trolledGAMER89 says:

Flyknit upper

NickK says:

All white ultraboosts are way nicer for summer if you ask me

adhtya fauzan says:

i dont know why, dont like chunky shoes/sneakers for daily wear

Ricki Baroza says:

I need an all BOOST mattress

lcy 3063 says:

Just a Puma guy pass by…..

Sir Toasty says:

How bout have guys buy and wear whatever shoes they want instead of having a girl tell you what to wear.

dada says:

dont like any of these shoes

tony says:

Wow when I clicked this video I was expecting her to talk about dress shoes and fancy stuff

Aleksandr O says:

nice video

Joel Vazquez says:

1 should be ultraboost because Stan smiths don’t even have a chance agains ultraboost because the comfort level are way different plus ultraboost look good with jeans and shorts

sephron17 says:

honestly if you’re gonna buy a pair of Chuck Taylors low cut skip the stan smiths, too many hype beasts are wearing them

Sage4w says:

Nike air max 1 ultra flyknit are The best

Nishant Kumar says:

Hey what about Jordan’s.

Yan Carryan says:

U trippin

2Ronix says:

it doesn’t take a genius to come up with this list. stan smith, converse, ultrabooost, flyknit racer, thats like guy douchebag 101. good list, just thought a celebrity stylist would come up with a few that aren’t so mainstream

Ernesto Landeros says:

Look i havent watched the video yet but i know she about to mention adidas ultraboost or some nmd

ZeNikX BoLT says:

Where the J’s tho ?

anunnyfose says:

I love your videos. best men’s fashion info on YouTube. please keep them coming!

Hrushikesh Chaphalkar says:

I m from India and here Stan smith are twice the price as that in USA.. so I was hoping to get converse white sneakers but I m not sure that they ll be as versatile as Stan smith.. please help me.

DopeArts says:

where are the Jordans??

Cunts Fucked says:

converse/vans = cold af feet

Josue Rivas says:

not with it……

Saroj Pokhrel says:

You should explain few Nike fans about the Boost

Jayson docog says:

all off my shoe were chucks.. iba iba lng kulay..

Ud Moktan says:

She is stupid nmd over ultrboost

Daniel Ferguson says:

‘When something better comes along’ 🙂 in my oppinon that would be the Common projects achillis low

aj garcia says:

Whats the color of the flyknit?

Jacob Smith says:

“Woven upper” if you are a sneaker head you cringed. Primeknit. Women…

Vloggin' Vlogs says:

Actually, U can convert an Ultraboost to a Yeezys

J L says:

Cool advertising.

Austin Welch says:

these are all super safe picks for guys who know nothing about fashion, but none of them stand out. Also kind of budget-buys

Jao Heather says:

where’s the adidas superstar

Jiahua Cui says:

Your shoe game trash

MuerteBolonesa says:

I bought the nmd a month ago and I have them already broken. Theyre so fragile

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