Top 5 Football Boots for Wide Feet

We rank the top five football boots on the market best suited for wide footed players.

Our top five list is based on several factors including upper material, quality, last width and popularity.

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Pablo la flare says:

tiempos or puma cleats work great for me.

Rohan Tamang says:

Football boots my feet are really wide are the hypervenom 2 really wide

UnlimitedJJ says:

vapor 11!

Keir Wilson says:


Connor Evans says:


Priyansh Biswas CR7 says:

How can hypervenom phantom 2 are there in 2015 there are suppose to be in 2016

Sam abd says:

hey guys I’m a very big fan can I have a soccer shoes i was playing a soccer match yesterday and a bully come to steel my shoes and next week I have a soccer match and I have no shoes love your videos bye

Yahir Siordia says:


Jason says:

Are magista obra 2 good for wide feet I’m 11 uk 9.5

Trooper says:

Where do you get the first boot

brad treadaway says:

last Wednesday I got superfly 4 but I don’t have wide feet

Kuku CraftedMC says:

what about skiny foot

Bobby Turkalino says:

I’ve got wide feet and my World Cups and Copas have always been superb for me. After stretching the beautiful buggers out a bit, of course!

Lutfil Danish says:

can you make a video for futsal boot

TheLegend 27 says:

I got magistas with the collar (Christmas) and they didn’t fit because of the collar. but when I got it on my left foot it was tight. I’m glad I saw this video

James 8104 says:

can u do it for flat feet best boots plz

Jack says:

Are the Adidas X 16.2 good for wide feet?

cleats pro says:

I’ve ordered mercurial floodlight vapor and I’ve a broad/wide feet will that do ?

Lutfil Danish says:

can you make a video for futsal boot

Rakan Karkar says:

Messi 16.1

Saif Shams says:

I am a size 44EU with a super wide feet. I bought a hypervenom liquid chrome yesterday and it’s pretty DOPE! I prefer them than the other shoes on the list

By the way I am 11-12 years old

Top Bins Only says:


Henry Pruski says:

Why do people keep on saying that hypervenoms are not for wide feet…. Seriously, have they ever worn a hypervenom?

Fernando Castañeda says:

with sock mercurial i got blisters

jonathan larios says:

What name of number one cleats

Daniel Burke says:

can u make a video for durability boots I seem to have boots that never last

John Rees says:

Magista are good for wide feet

Moe The Gamer says:

Well I’ve been told that the ace 17.3 is for wide feet but I spent half an hour putting it on

Semron Thomas says:

magista orden are also good for. wide feet

Bryan Torres-Gonzalez says:

the copa mundial

Ein Fisch says:

evospeed ?

Steven Coogan says:

any chance of another video like this ?

J7ake 3 says:

The hypervenom is super narrow.

SCFC Harry says:


Tosin Gbadamosi says:

Can you please do an updated version

Futbol Mango says:

when it says wide feet does it apply to flat footed players ?

Aksel Øvergaard says:

no adidas??
kys bro dumbass

Lukour says:


William Randall says:

Okay this list is horrible. The legend is complete garbage. It will split on you and the stud plate will separate in the front. Especially for wide or bigger feet. copas are the best for wide feet. Either the mundials or the 17 line up. The 17.2 is a great boot with calf skin leather that stretches amazing, and lasts. The hypervenoms are still to narrow. The only other wider shoe is the Magista obras. Only the obra tho the others are to plasticy and don’t stretch. The new ace line is somewhat wider but still is narrow. Most don’t have wide feet they just think they do. Just make sure thr length isn’t to long, so less than a half in more than a eighth inch. And your foot isn’t hanging over the side at all, or ypur small toe kinda leaning off the side, when you put pressure to the outside like you would make a cut. If the stud plate doesn’t support your foot get a narrower or wider shoe. Its to wide if their is excess material on the sides and you can move your foot side to side in the shoe. But this video does not give good quality options for wide feet.

Kevin Pride says:

i have wide feet, the Nike sock boots shown above i couldnt even get my feet in.. the boots for wide feet ive ever had are the ones i have just bought.. the Mizuno Morelia.. so comfortable, with ample room for wide footed players, i did have Puma King before but had to buy up a half size to get them to fit right, but also a comfy boot.

rafdy ramadhan says:

is the puma evotouch great for wide feet?

raimondascagus says:

Hello .Top 1 football shoes name ?

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