TOP 8 Awesome Shoes life hacks – Life Hacks for shoes

TOP 8 Awesome Shoes life hacks – Life Hacks for shoes !!

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travel360 dot blog says:

what about clothes ?

Manav Kumar says:

Haha.. Nice dude

RIP Spidey says:

Whats that?
oh just my shoe spoon.

mrdmce says:

Wasted x minutes of my life for this #shite

esmi gonsalves says:

Awesome hacks

Rich Khalil says:


Auriane S. Brito says:

0:56 hot water???

FeedBack says:


craig hoole says:

Blue shoes had toothpaste stains on the fabric you cretin

Syed Muntazir Mehdi Zaidi says:

What is the song in the start of video

Gazza says:

Ever heard of shoe polish?

J4mo Plays says:

Will you use that spoon again

craig hoole says:

The banana is pure pikey

Russell Allen says:

Russell allen thanks



Faisal Ansari says:

Super bro

TheJapanfan says:

Number 2 – buy dubbin if you want to waterproof leather properly!!!!

علي العراقي says:

افكار حلوو كلش

meng wang says: i found a big discount shop , have many cheap bag and shoes we have order receive very nice .

Anri Kaldma says:

The toothpaste life hack ruined my shoes.

V GANESH says:

Hi nice

MonkeyLord says:

Ain’t no way I’m putting banana peels on my Jordan’s


Indo ?

Aftab Khan says:

Bhg bhdwe

Juice Wrld says:

4:45 when you to lazy to untie your laces

Kliman Khmeron says:

Well, in some other countries ppl use a spoon to eat food.

Артём Семёнов says:

You don’t respect uour shoes!

Priyam Ganguly says:

That blue shoe from Adidas is terrific. I’m envying on it!

BIRD MAN says:

common sense fucker

Leena Bhadvilkar says:

What is the green paste

Hilih Kinthil says:

Number 1 eraser? Please answer my question

TimiShorul says:

at 5 it’s easier to untie the shoe:)))

harikrishna bade says:


moh didou says:

as you know it’s the summer so you have to start working out to be fit
start your exercises and be healthy
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for sale just for 15.99 dollars

Stolen Volcano says:

What did you use for number 1?

Shawn Walker says:

2:10 shoes got teeth now!

Yajirobe Saiyajin says:

Number 8 was obvious and ridiculous

Judah says:

for the first one you just erased pencil off your shoes

Nikhil Gurav says:

Good tricks

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