Wearing $30 Yeezys From Wish For a Week!

Wearing $30 Yeezys From Wish For a Week | Wearing Cheap/Fake Yeezys from Wish App for a Week (7Days) | What’s up everyone, recently, I went on vacation for a week so I’d do a video wearing the $30 Yeezys I got from Wish! Yes I know they’re fake but this is for a durability test for people interested and to show what outfits can go with them! LMK what you think of the Yeezys and the outfits!

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►Video Key►
Outfit 1: 1:19
Outfit 2: 2:04
Outfit 3: 3:19
Outfit 4: 4:08
Outfit 5: 6:02
Outfit 6: 7:33
Outfit 7: 8:28

Link to Wish Yeezys: https://www.wish.com/search/yeezy/product/5ae568a68fdae4200b99129b

Wish Basketball Shoe Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJoXOm1_z9I&t=110s&list=PLk2jZMiSHqEnZmwTl3yEeq3ouZyj2pDJO&index=26

Wish Yeezys FAIL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yK0GaTlEoo&t=0s&list=PLk2jZMiSHqEkJlzTL8v659FhS6d4LseK0&index=24

Fashion vids: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk2jZMiSHqEkJlzTL8v659FhS6d4LseK0

basketball Vids: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk2jZMiSHqEnZmwTl3yEeq3ouZyj2pDJO

Links to Outfits worn:
Champion Windbreaker: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/champion-mens-packable-half-zip-hooded-water-resistant-jacket?ID=5739738&CategoryID=3763&swatchColor=Surf%20The%20Web#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D218%26ruleId%3D78%26kws%3Dchampion%26searchPass%3DexactMultiMatch%26slotId%3D32

Champion Shirt: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/champion-mens-classic-ringer-t-shirt?ID=5312428&CategoryID=30423

Nike Crop Pants: https://www.nike.com/t/air-jordan-11-mens-basketball-pants-VMgRgm

Nike Shorts: https://www.nike.com/t/sportswear-tech-fleece-mens-shorts-VrTWeEWE

Kappa Shirt: https://www.pacsun.com/kappa/vale-ringer-t-shirt-0097517080003.html?dwvar_0097517080003_color=912&dwvar_0097517080003_size=9200&cgid=kappa#prefn1=mens-shop-by-style&prefv1=Graphics+&start=6

Uniqlo Crop Pants: https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-dry-ex-ultra-stretch-ankle-length-pants-404154.html?dwvar_404154_size=SMB003&cgid=men-pants-and-chinos#start=14&cgid=men-pants-and-chinos

Primark: https://www.primark.com/en-us/product/navy-short,N35397148959075

Urban Outfitter jeans: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/jeans-for-men

Cotton On: https://cottonon.com/US/men/

Baseball Jersey: https://www.mlbshop.com/Mens_Majestic_White_Boston_Red_Sox_Official_Cool_Base_Jersey/t-25442908+o-2309+d-896155785+f-5131151+z-9-1423029051?_s=ak1944mlb-pla&sku=6274496&targetid=pla-72891404309

Topman: http://us.topman.com/en/tmus/product/ns1n-sk-rose-loyal-7106351?bi=0&ps=20

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nolan smith says:

ur clothes are hella nice and all but i think they could be arranged in a better way. Fantastic vid tho!

Timmy Turner says:

Idk why but none of these outfits looked good on them especially with the green color. But I don’t look any better honestly

doug says:

I make some mean potato salad but i hate cuting the vegetables

yael gameplayz says:

C’mon man nike with adidas!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? banwagon exposed

Warrix Sport says:


GorillaGaming says:

one guy got exposed in public wearing fake yeezys


Skip Guerrero says:

Lemme get those yeezys

Luke Jones says:

He looks 14 no hate

Rowdy Turner says:

Keep sand segregated, it’s not right that they mix.

Please No says:

U funny AF keep up the vids

Dow Itos says:

Wtf you only have 21k?

Arty 1025 says:

Ugly fat ass with a wack style….and you can’t dance just stop

Brian Woo says:

So how much did you end up paying for that mandatory brunch?

Noob Face09 says:

Look at the decription

William Stephens says:

Watch out for the Brand Police !! 🙂

larry w . says:

powder pink tux is gorgeous .

Alextheprankster 23 says:

Bro you do not know how to pick out your clothes none of that matches, your mom could probably match better than you

Ghost YT says:

Bruh, Nike And Adidas. Really?

MadCow 101 says:

You dress so bad bro!!!

Navy Flightgamer says:

Fake adidas with fake nike oh na

DomHitEmUp says:

Where the socks at bruhh

Jack O says:

You reply to all your comments

Lance Violan says:

you still have it? can i have it?

Kyle Aquino says:

Its time for evan yee,zys!

Phantom Ranger says:

Lmao there only 16 dollars now

larry w . says:

lmaoo why you put that lil girl on blast tho .

Meotabz says:

Idc if that is fake its still cool

Mattheo Taleon says:

I hate your videos

-_- Chucky28gt -_- says:

Learn how to match kid

Mid Marlin08 says:

Ok first of all u have the worst style ever. If ur pants r off white at least make ur shirt off white too. Btw what is that face u make when u try to dane

jaymoneyytytyt says:


JuniorIsntHere says:


CLIPZZ _617 says:

Ayyyee boy from Boston

Parker Campbell says:

i know those yeezys are fake b*tch boy lol

Preston Schroeder says:

Wear socks!!!! You look stupid. Your a good YouTuber #yeesqaud

D_L says:

Shit style and shit video

Shawn says:

Do you seriously shave your legs??

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